The birth of an ECBO (Ethnic Community Based Organization)

Your tax dollars:

We very much encourage and appreciate entrepreneurs  in America—it is one of our most cherished and respected traditions.  Don’t you just get a warm glow all over when immigrants work hard, start a business, save and send the kids to college?  

Pooh, silly you, that’s the old fashioned way.  Today immigrants start their very own Ethnic Community Based Organizations on your dime with handsome federal grants—no hard work besides getting the non-profit legal status.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with ethnic groups wanting to share food and other traditions from their home country, but these are not that, they are organizations that grow (metastasize) with funding from all of us.

Here is a story from Garden City, Kansas to help make my point.  I call this the birth of an ECBO and it will be the first post in a new category on this important topic.  I have told you about ECBO’s before, way back in February of 2008, where I made the point that in my view these ethnic advocacy groups only serve to separate people and do not encourage assimilation.  That was before I understood the Alinsky/Obama school of community organizing.   Each one eventually will defend and fight for the rights of its “own” people. 

The expanding Burmese community in Garden City soon could see further assistance from an organization run out of an apartment complex with many Burmese renters.

Efforts to achieve an official nonprofit status for the Burmese Refugee Community of Southwest Kansas still are under way, said Zuali Lal, coordinator.

Lal expects the approval to come soon and hopes to have a ceremony when approved. Lal has an office in Garden Spot Rentals, 305 W. Mary St., in apartment DD3, where people of the community can come for help. Lal said she already has been assisting those in need of services, but has bigger plans for the organization.

Bigger plans means she expects to apply for federal and state grants and get paid for what now is her admirable charitable work.

What she is really setting up are support services for big companies like Tyson’s Food * which can then bring in cheap immigrant labor while all the other needs of the immigrant are taken care of by the taxpayer.   She will be showing newcomers how to tap into the welfare system!

She said she wants to have job assistance programs for people who move to the area and want work. Lal said most of the Burmese people work at Tyson Fresh Meats Inc. near Holcomb.

Not many members of the Burmese community know how to drive, Lal said, and she hopes to coordinate driving lessons for community members. She said she hopes to include social service information and assistance, so people can receive the care and attention they need upon arriving in the area.

She learned the racket while working for another non-profit in Seattle, now she is setting up her very own non-profit “community organization!”

Lal moved to Garden City in May after serving as the case manager for the Refugee’s Women Alliance, based in Seattle. She has voluntarily served as an interpreter and advocate for her neighbors, she said.

County Attorney John Wheeler has provided advice to Lal and referred her to other law offices for assistance in obtaining nonprofit status, which involves obtaining proper documentation through a legal process.

Old fashioned entrepreneurs  knew how to go where their customers would be, so too do these new ECBO-entrepreneurs—-they learn where great new waves of refugees and secondary migrants are headed and are right there with dreams of non-profit nirvana.

This is Alinsky-style community organizing aided and abetted by the Department of Health and Human Services and your tax dollars, more in my next post!  You will have to wait to see the shocking list!  (Here it is!)

* Speaking of lists,  and Tysons Food, go back and look again at the list of  ‘troops’ the White House is lining up in support of Amnesty.  I’m getting obsessed with it, but I just realized the word I think best describes the attendees—parasites.

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