Another refugee murdered in Jacksonville, FL

I wonder how many murders and other crimes have to be committed against refugees in Jacksonville before the US State Department tells it contractors to stop resettling them there!   Here is the latest, a Sudanese man killed by African Americans. 

This is the whole short story from First Coast News:

JACKSONVILLE, FL — Two people are under arrest in connection with the murder of a man at his Atlantic Boulevard apartment Saturday night.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says 32-year-old Merlin Williams Jr. and 23-year-old Ashley Jerrell are charged with murder and armed robbery.

Police say the suspects told them they tried to rob Isaac Siliman at his home in the Lighthouse Bay apartment complex.

Siliman escaped the strife in the African country Sudan and made it to America, where he was waiting for family members to join him from Africa. He came a bit after the Lost Boys of Sudan, a group of young men who escaped Sudan when their families and homes were torn apart by civil war.

Police say the suspects admitted pepper-spraying and beating him on the head with a hammer, then stealing his car, credit card, and other items.

In July we told you about the brutal murder of a Bhutanese refugee in that same city.  This is what I said at the time.

Honestly, what is up with this?  We know that the State Department’s Office of Population, Refugees and Migration was warned in 2005 about crime against refugees in Jacksonville yet apparently continued to approve resettlements there.   I swear it is all about getting cheap housing!  These contractors don’t want to dig too deeply into their own funds to supplement the taxpayer funding they receive, so the refugees suffer.

Will the State Department pay attention now?

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