Seattle Somali Ethnic Community Based Organizations, are they mini-ACORNS?

I said I would say more about the article from Seattle a couple of days ago,here.  I don’t know if the FBI has managed to make a DNA match between the Somali parents of a man believed to have killed himself (and twenty-some peacekeepers) in a suicide bombing in Africa yet or not.  As a matter of fact, the authorities are making a huge assumption that these people are his parents.

Unless the dead Al-Shabaab  jihadist was born in the US, no one will know for sure without DNA testing if he is the biological child of the Seattle parents.    I remind readers that the entire family reunification program has been suspended for much of Africa because the US State Department discovered widespread fraud through random DNA testing more than a year ago.   Somalis in particular were bringing in “relatives” who turned out not to be who they said they were.  So, if they find a match we will let you know.

More reporting on this at NPR, here.

Back to what I wanted to mention this morning—Ethnic Community Based Organizations (ECBOS).  Notice that in this article from the Seattle Times there are representatives of two Somali organizations quoted.   They are the Somali Community Services of Seattle and the Somali Community Services Coalition.   These are two of eight Somali ECBO’s in the state of Washington, see this directory.  Only Minnesota equals Washington State in the large number of Somali ECBO’s.

I’ve looked into financial documents for a few of these organizations and like the others I’ve reported on in other states (in our ECBO category here) they follow a similar pattern.  They collect funds from various government agencies at all levels of government and from Leftwing church and other charitable groups, and unions too!  They promote Somali culture and they are called upon for media comments anytime anything goes wrong in the ‘Somali community.’ 

Now that the ACORN scandal has given us a fuller picture of how “community organizing” works, I see that these ECBO’s follow the same pattern.  I’m betting ACORN and the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) have provided the model and the training as well.   They (Somali ECBOs in this case) teach people how to get their government benefits, they get taxpayer funding to do it, and they then serve as political organizations for their ethnic community promoting the needs of ‘their people,’ or defending them as they do in the Seattle Times.

Note to FBI:  I have a reader telling me that something is fishy at Sea-Tac Airport where I am told Somalis control the auto rental businesses and the airport shuttle services.

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