CIS reports that the Dallas jihadist apprehended last week overstayed student visa

Last week we told you about the FBI sting operation that resulted in the arrest of a Jordanian Jihadist in Dallas, here.

Now I see that my speculation that he had come across the border in Texas was wrong.  He got in on a student visa and never left.  From Mark Krikorian at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), here.

I’m all for border fencing and the like; it’s an essential tool of national sovereignty.

But for too many politicians, and even ordinary folks, support for border security is a cop out, a substitute for thinking about the overall immigration problem, only part of which has anything to do with our border with Mexico.

One vital issue that is neglected because of this tunnel-vision on border fences is visa overstays. The Dallas jihadist shows how important this is; I suspected he was an overstayer, and the Dallas Morning News confirmed:

The father said that his sons Hosam and Hussein came to the United States in 2007 on student visas. Authorities said, however, Hosam Smadi was not currently enrolled in school.

Just more evidence that LEGAL immigration programs are filled with fraud and need to be reformed, and then policed!

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