Jordanian living illegally in Texas caught in terror plot sting operation

Related story today:  Ironically, as several Muslim terror plots are unraveled across the country, other Muslims gathered to pray at the Capital, Atlas Shrugs has a report here.

Unfortunately we probably will never hear how this jihadist got into the US in the first place, but I’ll bet he came across the border in Texas.  And, just think, if Obama gets his amnesty plan through, the likes of Hosam Maher Husein Smadi will get all the perks and privileges of American citizenship.

From the Dallas Morning News:

A 19-year-old Jordanian citizen was arrested Thursday in a dramatic FBI sting operation after he parked a vehicle laden with government-supplied fake explosives at an iconic downtown Dallas skyscraper and attempted to detonate it, authorities said.

An undercover FBI agent monitoring an online extremist Web site discovered Hosam Maher Husein Smadi espousing jihad against the U.S. more than six months ago.

Read all about the clever sting operation!

I thought in the age of Obama this wasn’t going to happen.  I thought the Muslim world would love America now.

In conversations with agents posing as members of an al-Qaeda sleeper cell, Smadi said he came to the U.S. to wage jihad, or holy war.


“I want to destroy … targets … everything that helps America on its war on Arabs will be targeted,” he told undercover agents in May.


Although apparently not connected, the Dallas case comes in the wake of several recent high-profile terrorism arrests in Denver and New York and in a strikingly similar scheme in Illinois involving undercover agents providing an extremist with a fake bomb.

It’s unclear on which extremist Web site authorities encountered Smadi. Agents and private counterterrorism researchers lurk in such sites monitoring jihadist trends.

So what do the Afghan immigrants in Denver and New York caught in a terror investigation have in common with the guy in Illinois also stung this week and the Jordanian in Dallas?  Right!  They are all “extremists” and all Muslims.

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