Communists beware, Islamists are coming for you too!

I find it fascinating whenever I see the largely atheistic radical leftists, anarchists, socialists and Communists teamed up politically with Islamic supremacists because I wonder, don’t they get it, don’t they see they are hated by the Islamists more than Christians and Jews are hated? 

We just told you that there are 22 million Muslims in Communist China and now comes news that Al Qaeda is urging the minority Uighyurs (also spelled Uighers or Uighurs) to prepare for holy war against the Communists. (Hat tip: BL)

From CNN:

A high-ranking al Qaeda leader has called on China’s minority Uyghurs to prepare for a holy war against the Chinese government.

“There is no way for salvation and to lift this oppression and tyranny unless you … seriously prepare for jihad in the name of God and carry your weapons against the ruthless brutal invader thugs,” Abu Yahia Al-Libi said Wednesday in a video on an Islamist Web site. He delivered his message in Arabic.

The Uyghurs are Muslims in western China’s Xinjiang province. Some Islamists refer to the region as East Turkistan.

Al-Libi’s proclamation was in reaction to the violence that has recently shaken Urumqi, Xinjiang’s capital. There, long-simmering resentment between minority Uyghurs and majority Han Chinese erupted into riots and left more than 200 people dead in July.

Muslims will defeat you atheists because we are “stronger in faith.”  Remember Afghanistan!

Al-Libi regularly produces video messages and has, in the past, called on Pakistanis and Somalis to resist their “apostate” governments. He is considered one of al Qaeda’s top strategists and one of its most vocal leaders in its propaganda campaign

In his latest message, Al-Libi called on Muslims worldwide to support the Uyghurs. And he vowed that China will suffer the same fate that the former Soviet Union did when it invaded Afghanistan in the 1980s — only to be thwarted by Islamist fighters

“To you, the state of atheism and obstinacy: You are coming to an end and you will face the same fate of the Russian bear of disintegration and division,” he said. “You will encounter the same defeat when your nation will fight in its own backyard the humble minority of Muslims who are stronger in faith.”

Where have I heard this before?  Oh, yeh, this is what the prophet Mohammed teaches and it applies to all infidels.

The leader of the Turkistan Islamic Party, in a video on Islamic Web sites, blamed the Chinese for “genocide.”

The speaker urged Uyghurs to “kill the Chinese communists where you find them, take them and besiege them and ambush them wherever you can.”

We have followed the twisted tale of the Uighur detainees at Guantanamo Bay for over a year now—ever since there was an early plan to resettle 17 or so of them as refugees in the US.  For our most recent post on that story go here.

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