Georgetown study critical of US State Department refugee program; and are there rich Iraqis?

Students from the Georgetown University Law Center in conjunction with some refugee advocacy groups interviewed Iraqi refugees and issued a report on their findings two days ago.

A report out of Georgetown University released today says the U.S. government is failing to help Iraqi refugees resettle.

“Iraqi refugees face odds so heavily stacked against them that most end up jobless, some even homeless,” the report says.

The report was based on interviews with Iraqi refugees – more than half of them from metro Detroit – that were conducted by students at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington D.C. in partnership with human rights groups at the university. In recent years, thousands of Iraqi refugees have been accepted in the U.S., a significant percentage of them coming to Michigan because of relatives and the high numbers of Arabic speakers.

Titled “Refugee Crisis in America,” the report criticizes the United States Refugee Admissions Program, which is administered by the US State Department, for what it called “poor planning and coordination.” A department spokeswoman was not immediately available to comment.

The report recommends that refugee assistance be extended from eight to 18 months and be administered separately from regular poverty assistance. It also calls for improved planning.

We’ve been reporting on this subject for two years now, so there is no surprise here.  It is not just the Iraqis who aren’t making it in the US.   There is also no surprise that one of the chief recommendations of this report is to expand the program and spend more taxpayer dollars on it. We agree the program needs to be reformed, but I’m not sure I’ll be agreeing with the Georgetown students on how to do it.  You can read the whole report here.   I’ll have more to say when I’ve gotten through it.

We told you about the mess in Detroit on several occasions (most recently here).  Michigan is broke, unemployment is through the roof and the immigrants continue to pour in.

Rich Iraqi refugees?  

I guess these students only found the homeless Iraqis (or those on the verge of homelessness) to interview.  Coincidentally, I just last night got this comment to an old post by someone identfying himself/herself as ‘Stealth’.  I have no way of knowing if this is true but ‘Stealth’ seems to know something, although I don’t know what that last sentence means.

I can tell you that the state knows exactly what they are doing..These refugees you speak of, I handle most of the banking in MI and it would blow your mind to know this. Refugees wire in money to “our MICHIGAN banks”, from IRAQ/Jordan from property’s sold from their homeland..Each incoming wire 2-3 in days apart are between 250k-750k..The Refugees are bringing in new cash, it’s still on the hush hush and most are College Grads..Trust me on this one, if it wasn’t for all the NEW money coming in from the riches of IRAQ refugees, I assure you that is why were gettinh the Ctholics.

So what is up with that?  More later.

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