Islam in Action: Blacks in Michigan attacked Muslim brother and sister; Christian group sues Maine

These posts from Islam In Action are a couple of days old, but I wanted to be sure to bring them to your attention.  The first is a story from Ann Arbor about Muslim kids being attacked on a school bus by black guys (where have I heard this before?).   Ah, the joys of multiculturalism.

Ann Arbor The attorney for two Muslim teens attacked last month aboard a school bus is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to step in after Washtenaw County prosecutors decided not to file ethnic intimidation charges in the case.

The girl, 16, and her brother, 15, were attacked Sept. 8 after they left Skyline High School.

They said the incident began aboard a school bus and escalated after they got off the bus several blocks from their home.

The girl said a group of black teens removed her hijab, a traditional head scarf, and yelled ethnic slurs at her and her brother before punching her. The girl suffered a black eye and said she required stitches to the top of her head. Neither teen is being identified.

Maine lawsuit

The other good post on the same day is about Christian Action Network bringing a lawsuit against the State of Maine.

….the Christian Action Network (CAN) filed a federal lawsuit against the state of Maine for censoring a fundraising letter state officials claimed contained “an inflammatory anti-Muslim message.” Maine officials fined and banned CAN from mailing any future letters under the threat of criminal prosecution. Liberty Counsel represents CAN.

We told you about the State’s actions back in June, here.

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