Pittsburgh Catholic Bishop defends Catholic Charities and calls a meeting

This is the latest on the controversy on-going in Pittsburgh, PA where hundreds of mostly Burmese refugees have been placed by the US State Department and its contractor, Catholic Charities.  See my earlier post here.  Bishop Zubik defends Catholic Charities and says everyone is suffering.

The plight of some 400 Burmese refugees in our area has led to finger-pointing with some arguing that Catholic Charities hasn’t been providing the assistance these immigrants need.

Now Bishop David Zubik is responding to the critics’ claims.

Although the U.S. government has welcomed them, many immigrants who’ve relocated to the Pittsburgh region are struggling to get by. One immigrant recently told KDKA Investigator Andy Sheehan that life was better back in the refugee camp.

Along with the Jewish Family and Children Services, Catholic Charities helped resettle the refugees here.

Some have argued that Catholic Charities has not done enough to help these people make the transition to American life.

But Bishop Zubik is defending the organization.

Taking exception to the critics, the bishop resists the notion that Catholic Charities should shoulder the blame.

“I do not find any credence and I would go to bat every time I can for Catholic Charities,” Bishop Zubik added, “they do outstanding work.”

I find it maddening that NO ONE ever reports that we can slow the flow of refugees at times of economic crisis.  But, faced with that decision in late September, the Obama Administration said—bring more!  I am assuming this is purely a political strategy to bring the refugee program to a crisis point and then Congress will step in and shell out more money the taxpayers don’t have!  Meanwhile Pittsburgh refugees have expressed a desire to return to camps.  Little do they know they are pawns in a political game orchestrated by the Far Left!

Zubik wrings his hands:

As to whether Catholic Charities should have done more, the bishop noted that given the present economic conditions, resources are limited and severely stretched.

“We’re really dealing with a time of significant crisis all across the board — not only with refugees, but with people who have lived in our area for a long period of time.”

Here is a suggestion for the good Bishop.  When you meet with the refugees ask how many would like to return to the camps in Thailand and then take up a collection (from private citizens, unions, leftwing foundations, not the taxpayer) and buy them plane tickets.  If they want to stay, it is your responsibility and the Church’s responsibility (not the average struggling Americans!) to properly care for those you resettled.

By the way, 67% of Catholic funding in the US already comes from the government!

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