The Somali threat at home

I am so pathetically behind in posting stories in my queue, so I’m going to try to get a bunch of stuff up this morning (and not yak too much about each story). 

Incidentally, I only have a few hours each day to work on RRW and find myself easily distracted reading posts at Gateway Pundit, Jihad Watch, New Zeal, Gates of Vienna, Atlas Shrugs, Big Government, and Drudge, just to name a few of my favorites you can find on our blogroll.  So, readers, if you’ve sent me something to post recently, I have it here somewhere!

Here we go, this is the article on the Somali threat:

Yesterday Frontpage magazine posted an article by Ryan Mauro that summarizes pretty well much of what we have posted here on the Jihadist recruitment of Somali former refugees to return to Africa to fight with Al-Shabaab.  Of course the big question is,will they return and use their skills in America?  Thanks to several readers who sent me this link yesterday.

For more in our at least 100 posts on the topic since we began posting on it in November 2008, type ‘Somali missing youths’ into our search function.

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