In the wake of Detroit Christmas fiasco: Funny, but sad column on Canadian (American too) immigration policy

Here is a column from Canada that tells us how most people are feeling these days.   Fearing any sort of profiling, we let all sorts of assorted “immigrants” into western countries, then when one of them tries a terrorist attack, we subject ma and pa to cavity searches in airports.  Go figure!

To recap: Canada catches a convicted arms-seller lying his way into the country, but lets him stay anyway (that would be, Ahmed Ressam, the Millennium Bomber). 

He soaks Canadian taxpayers, gets caught stealing, swans off to study at Bin Laden Community College, then slips back in through the security sieve because it turns out all you need to get a real Canadian passport is a fake name and three boxtops.

And, oh yeah, Ressam’s testimony was used in a briefing paper titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the U.S.” that was given to George W. Bush a month before 9/11. Nice catch, George.

Which brings us to the question of security, as opposed to bureaucratic flailing, which is what we’ve seen around the world this week following that Nigerian guy’s attempt to blow up an airliner with his underpants.

That is, is making Ma and Pa Victoria submit to a cavity search en route to Vegas really going to make the world safe for democracy?

Read it all!  (Link may be slow to open, or it could be just me)

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