Reforms coming, maybe, sort of…not really!

Here is another thoughtful article by reporter Amy Umble pubished at in which she summarizes where we are in the process of “reforming” the “broken” US State Department’s Refugee Resettlement program.  I don’t have time to go through it, so please read it yourselves.

I doubt that the chickens in the Obama Administration will do much more than throw money at the problem, they will keep refugees pouring into overloaded cities, they will continue to strain local welfare services and health departments, and maybe tinker around with the law.  Already the only “reform” legislation involves making it possible for asylum seekers to get into the US and not face detention, and it throws more taxpayer money to the federal contactors—big deal!

They won’t do what I think needs to be done—revamp the whole system and reduce the number of refugees entering the US.  Run the program through state agencies accountable to governors and elected officials and get all the federal contractors out of the business!  It is a bottomless money pit that sends taxpayer money to entrenched, unaccountable and politically powerful non-profits hiding behind a facade of faux humanitarian compassion.  The program is rotten to the core.

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