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Trying to dash through a backlog of posts this morning here are two more stories from troubled and apparently immigrant-overloaded St. Cloud, MN.   For new readers wishing to learn more about St. Cloud’s problems, use our search function for ‘St. Cloud’ or if you just want to read one earlier post, read this one from two weeks ago.

The first article you should see today is posted here at Jihad Watch.  A young man faces civil charges for posting a sign considered anti-Islamic.  Read about it at Jihad Watch. No wonder people are riled up in St. Cloud!

Update:  Maybe the poster maker could be let off the hook to join “Everybody draw Mohammed day!” May 20th!  Update April 26th:  Cartoonist chickens out, but others pick up the baton and continue plans for that special day.

Sudanese refugee woman arrested for killing toddler son

Whew!  I repeat, no wonder some of the citizens of St. Cloud are upset with the influx of refugees.  From the St. Cloud Times.

The father of a 22-month-old boy who died in what has been ruled a homicide said he saw the child’s mother beat the boy in the past and has expressed concern about the mother’s mental health status.

Gatluak Kuan Jerweng, who lives and attends school in Iowa, told investigators Nyachuol Lungdicok Poch had beaten Duach Makuach on numerous occasions, according to a child-protection petition filed after the April 12 death of Makuach. Jerweng told investigators he was unable to stop Poch from beating Makuach and he “compared her to Andrea Yates,” the Texas woman who killed her five children by drowning them in a bathtub.

Poch is charged with one count of second-degree murder in the death of her son. Stearns County District Court Judge Thomas Knapp ordered Poch held in lieu of $1 million bail at her first court hearing Monday. Poch is next due in court April 26.

Get this, the father, Jerweng, lived in another state (what! so she and the kids would get welfare?), claims she frequently mistreated the kids (where was he every day, oh yeh, in another state), claims she threatened him, claims she killed the boy because he looked like him, Jerweng.  And on top of it all—she is 8 months pregnant.

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