Comment worth noting: maybe we found one of the 270 missing Somalis

Back in February we told you that ICE was looking for 270 illegal Somalis who have reportedly disappeared into the US.  Today we got this comment to that post from a reader calling himself “Money.”   Normally we don’t post comments with foul language but I thought this comment was telling.

U knw we are muslim we supports each other who said that somalis are poor ? If somalis are poor cn’t live 20yrs witout covernment cn’t do busness over this s*** world ‘, somalis are richiest people on this world ‘ f*** u america , they kill us and they kill us mind , there isn’t terrorists in thiz world , america are terrorists , who made terrorists? and who supportz terrorists? america access money to terrorists ‘ u knw alshabal in somalia , where did they get money ? America access money to shabab ‘the fact is that , we are n’t blind , we have eyes , and we will kill you someday in ur home yeah , we got experience last 20yrs ,and we knew ever road to come your home , f*** u america , don’t think that somalis will ends , america will ends before somali , f*** u america im going to kill ur home someday  f*** u f*** u ,

Charming huh!

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