Canada will decide if Bosnian murderer will be deported

This is a long convoluted story from “welcoming” Canada.  A man claiming to be a persecuted Bosnian Muslim was granted refugee status in Calgary, Canada more than a decade ago.  Now evidence has surfaced that he likely murdered business associates in his home country in 1992.

From the Montreal Gazette:

Pobric (Elvir Pobric) arrived in Montreal as a fearful Muslim escaping the bloody civil war erupting around him in Bosnia in 1999.

Clutching a letter from the Red Cross documenting his internment camp release, Pobric asked Canadian immigration officials to save him from religious and ethnic persecution at the hands of Serbians by granting him refugee protection.

Canada has stripped him of his refugee status saying essentially that the country seeking his extradition is a Muslim country and so he is not being persecuted for his religion.

The arrest warrant was issued by Bosnia-Herzegovina, not Serbia, Bosnia’s wartime enemy, board officials said.

“There is no basis to suppose or conclude that those ordinary civil authorities . . . would seek the arrest and return because he is Bosniak or a Bosnian Muslim,” board officials ruled.

The government of  Bosnia-Herzegovina will get him as soon as Canada gives the final deportation order.

Now, after spending a year in custody, Pobric is stripped of his refugee and permanent residency status. Officials at the Bosnia-Herzegovina embassy said they will issue travelling documents within two weeks of being asked.

Read the whole story about this fake refugee.

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