Comment worth noting: Iraqis have great expectations

A commenter, Ben Ezra, writing in response to this post about Iraqis going to Detroit, tells us the following as an explanation for why Iraqis have such high expectations for life in America:

Iraqi Refugees come with high expectation, they think USA will be heaven for them. Overseas Iraqis love to tell fabulous stories about being paid salary for just being refugees in USA and they don’t have to work until 8 months, their rent will be paid and they will get food stamp for 5 years that goes along with health insurance for ever, and they will be placed in expensive houses with new furniture and a car above all that a church will help them with extra money.

New readers should know that many Iraqi refugees have been very disappointed with their lives in America and some have even returned in disgust to the Middle East.

By the way, we have written 470 previous posts in our Iraqi refugee category for anyone wishing to learn everything they ever needed to know about Iraqi refugees.

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