Somali non-profits struggle to stay afloat

I have more stories to post today on Somalis in America.  I know some critics of RRW think I single out Somali refugees, but honestly they make the news more often than other groups of immigrants.   Two days ago it was Lewiston, ME, and I just a few minutes ago posted on Somali family reunification in Utah, here.  Later I’ll post on safety complaints by Somalis in a Seattle public housing complex and I have an update from the school (supposed) harassment saga involving CAIR in St. Cloud, MN.

This story is a little surprising because the federal government hasn’t run out of money and they are the deep pockets that usually keep ethnic mini-ACORNs afloat.

The dire economy has dealt a big drive to the twin cities Somali nonprofits, many of which have been forced to slice hours, diminish services and some are consider closing.

From ESL centers, refugee services, to housing and employment programs, organizations that have served the Somali and other East African community for decades are now struggling to stay afloat.

“The Somali nonprofit division is taking a triple whammy with the loss of funding from foundations, government and corporations,” said Dr. ,Abdiwahab Arale, A board member from The Center For Somali Solutions Of Minnesota in the twin cities.

“Somali nonprofits in particular [are struggling] because they are always operating on very slim limits,” he added. “There were unmet needs before — now the services are diminishing.”

Surely Obama’s stash is not yet depleted!

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