Comment worth noting: Watching the Muslims take over in England

Here is a comment from a reader, Margot, who responded to our post yesterday about Oklahoma’s preemptive move to ban Sharia law from the state.

Hi, thanks for the link to jihad watch.* I am in England just now, I come every summer, and it is frightening to watch the muslims taking over. Their sharia courts are allowed to rule on non-muslims’ problems as well, and the UK government recognizes and accepts those rulings!! Even if they dealt ONLY with muslim individuals, there is still the “law of the land” which is NOT sharia, here in England, and which should be everybody’s law who lives here. Their problem, I think, is that they have no written constitution. They think they have to be tolerant –and you should listen to BBC to become sick inside– but one of these days they’ll find themselves in a siege where they won’t be able to extricate themselves from. A case of closing the door of the barn after the horse is gone… We have become so stupid in the US that we may very well start doing the same as here.

I think the state of Oklahoma is getting that barn door shut before the horse escapes!  Thank God!

*Here is the link for Jihad Watch which I recommend everyone read daily.

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