Canadian proposal to fix “broken” system—add more refugees

Because the system is “broken” Canadian refugee program reformers plan to add more refugees to Canada’s refugee quota.  I don’t know what it is with this word “broken.”    Some public relations firm must have tested the word in the English speaking world and determined it was a good one to get people to move on so-called reforms.  Funny thing is that the PR in the US says our program is “broken” too.

In my mind, the refugee system might be broken in both the US and Canada, but it is something that could be fixed by simply not overloading countries with poor people who will not find work right now.  In addition to ferreting out corruption that is!

This story is from earlier in the week so maybe it’s already happened, but check it out here anyway.

As part of the package of reforms for Canada’s asylum system, known as the Balanced Refugee Reform Act, the Government of Canada proposes to increase the number of refugees resettled from overseas as well as the support we provide to help them settle in Canada. Only by fixing the broken in-Canada system can we effectively increase the generosity of our overseas system.

If the legislation receives Royal Assent, Canada would increase the resettlement target by 2,500. This increase would bring the total number of refugees resettled by Canada to as many as 14,500 a year. This increase will mean Canada would be resettling more refugees per capita than any other country in the world.

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