NumbersUSA: Balance of power shifted on immigration yesterday

A couple of hours ago Roy Beck of NumbersUSA reported that changes in the House and Senate yesterday send a message that immigrant numbers may see a decline for the first time since the 1920’s, and that amnesty for illegal aliens is even farther on the back burner than it has been since Obama was elected President.

The cause of immigration enforcement and numerical reductions was a huge winner in Tuesday’s elections, promising that immigration issues will finally be addressed as job issues in the next Congress.

I’m not sure there has been a Congress since 1924 — and certainly not in the last 50 years — that had a membership more interested in reductions in overall illegal and legal immigration than will be the one that was elected yesterday.

NumbersUSA has a color-code to help members and the general public ascertain the position of elected House and Senate members on immigration control that breaks down like this:

To analyze the results, NumbersUSA in advance of the elections assigned every current Member of Congress and every candidate to one of three categories based on extensive review of their actions, their official stances and statements in the media. The three categories were:

MORE IMMIGRATION: Support high current levels of new foreign workers, with many favoring letting illegal aliens keep their jobs

UNCOMMITTED: Immigration positions not clear

LESS IMMIGRATION: Favor stronger enforcement to open up illegal-alien-held jobs for unemployed Americans, with many favoring reductions in legal immigration, too.

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