Welcome to Shelbyville! The rise of a propaganda film

When the BeCause Foundation filmmakers arrived in the tense Tennessee town of Shelbyville in 2008, this is what I said:

BeWare BeCause!

Shelbyville BeWare BeCause, they are using your town!   They will gloss over the tensions and problems of the Tyson’s African employees and then show what great work the TIRRC and the Somali Community Center are doing to bring you all together in harmonious unity.  This is a politically motivated campaign.  Your film, your town, will then be used to shame other towns into silence.

And, so it is!  But, there was one other element I hadn’t fully focused on when the filmmakers arrived coincidentally when the Somali Community Center of Nashville and the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition had organized a “unity meeting,” and that was that the US State Department would latch on to the film and show it around the world before it had been distributed in the US.  (And, who knows, perhaps they even commissioned the film in the first place!)

You see the State Department under Hillary Clinton has a huge stake in this—in convincing Americans that it’s just, well, American, to welcome diversity, to erase borders, and to create one great big happy multicultural world.

Well, that and they have a stake in keeping the spigot for cheap labor flowing to big business political donors and convincing Africans and others that they should come to America (why else show it in Africa).  They also aim to keep your tax dollars flowing to the international immigration industry and the federal contractors who are supposed to be resettling refugees.  So, it’s no surprise that “Welcome to Shelbyville” was selected by the State Department for a big bucks award.

What got me started on this story again was a piece earlier this week where filmmaker Kim Snyder, tells us that the recent Tyson’s controversy was all baloney and that they are busy showing their version of Shelbyville in Ireland and Belgium. The general theme is that if redneck Bible-belt Tennesseans could start to see that maybe Somalis weren’t so bad after all, then your town should be ashamed of itself if you have concerns.

Why Belgium and Ireland?  Because both of those countries are experiencing an influx of Somali Muslims and people are worried about it as we have reported previously on these pages.   Also, Snyder reveals that the film was rushed out to Oregon to pacify citizens of Portland after the recent terrorist threat there.  No attempted terrorist threat by a Somali refugee, just an anomaly—go back to sleep citizens of Portland and Corvallis.  (Heck, if those redneck Tennesseans can see the light, so can you!)

Then on top of that, the New York Times is now talking-up the film, but at least had the good sense to mention the word PROPAGANDA!

The people at the BeCause Foundation are community organizers plain and simple (one need only visit their website).  They are promoting a political agenda.  If someone gave me the big bucks I could produce a documentary film with a completely different and opposite slant—even if I interviewed the exact same people.

Welcome to Shelbyville is modern-day propaganda. Someone should trace the making of this film and write a book  using this film to show how Americans are being manipulated by one-worlders inside and outside of government.

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