A recommendation to Birm and Allahsoldier (Somalipirate)

How about you guys join forces and write your own blog!   We have suggested this many times before to our critics.  Instead of you getting to freely (and lazily) criticize here every day while we do the work of research and writing—you guys have a blog of your own.  You can call it Refugee Resettlement Watch Watch, criticize us all day (we will even link it) and I’ll come visit you.

Or, you could write a blog to put down America (it’s a free country you know!)  You can write about all the evil things white Tea Party (there is a black Tea Party now in Houston if you didn’t know) people do.  You can write about white-on-white gang criminal activity, you can write about all the Americans on welfare and all those scamming food stamp programs.  You can denigrate white old people (interesting that its o.k. for Leftists to do that, but not o.k. too denigrate immigrants or blacks language errors).  You can write about how Americans are going across borders to sneak into other countries in order to be taken care of by the taxpayers of that country.  The list goes on of potential stories for you to research and post.

Just a suggestion.  Let me know when it’s ready to unveil.

Oh, shall I give you each other’s e-mail address?  Or, do you already know each other (no need to answer).

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