Islamists attack Norway (wrong!)

……killer was opposed to Muslim immigration and Marxism it seems.

Update July 23:  As death toll rises, New York Times says gunman was Christian fundamentalist, here.  More when I have time later.

AP says:

Norwegian news agency NTB said the suspect wrote a 1,500-page manifesto before the attack in which he attacked multiculturalism and Muslim immigration.

Reuters says:

The man suspected of Norway’s gun and bomb massacre had belonged to an anti-immigration party and opposed multi-culturalism, Islam and the “cultural Marxists” of the establishment, web postings, acquaintances and officials said Saturday.

Update (#2 on July 22nd)Reuters reports speculation that a rightwinger angry about immigration did it .  We’ll have to wait until tomorrow (or whenever) to get the real story.

NUPI political think tank Senior Research Fellow Jakub Godzimirski said he suspected a right-winger more than a militant Islamist attack. Right wing groups have grown up around the issue of immigration in Norway.

Update July 22nd: from Jihad Watch, I’m wrong, most everyone was wrong….

At last, some apparently definitive information. After a jihad group curiously claimed responsibility and retracted, and after some terror experts said it was a jihad attack and some said it wasn’t, and after the media pointed to jihadists as essentially the only ones with a motive, and Islamic supremacists applauded the attack, it appears that it was not a jihad attack after all. “Norway Camp Shooting: ‘As Many As 30 Dead,'” from Sky News, July 22 (read on).

For complete news on Muslim immigration and European Islamists (especially in Scandinavia) always visit Gates of Vienna first. Here is the terrible news from Oslo.

Fjordman (at 11:41 a.m.):

“The most suicidal and cowardly government in a country with no colonial history was just attacked. How do you explain that as a response to Western ‘aggression’?”

We have written about Norway and Muslim immigration there on several occasions.  Just type “Norway” into our search function.

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