Millions of Iraqis “abandoned” by US

You can’t win with these Leftists.  They screamed and hollered that we had to get out of Iraq.  In fact, they played a huge role in getting Obama elected because he promised just that—he would get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan.  So, Obama yanks all of our troops out of Iraq (at once) and headlines (from Leftwing publications) like our title above are everywhere.

Below is how a story from New America Media begins.  But, read about NAM first—started in 1996 they say this in their ‘about:

NAM is dedicated to bringing the voices of the marginalized – ethnic minorities, immigrants, young people, elderly – into the national discourse. The communities of the New America will then be better informed, better connected to one another, and better able to influence policy makers.

NAM on the Iraqis (likening them to the Vietnamese where the actions of the political Left/antiwar movement caused their abandonment).  We can argue about whether getting into both Vietnam and Iraq was a good idea, but in both cases we should have stayed to win and help stabilize the country.   Maybe the political Left (the Communists and Socialists) wants this “abandonment” story (US is bad story!).  Gee, could the refugees just be their pawns in a larger game?

Each time Uncle Sam ventures abroad he leaves an unfinished story, and nowhere is it most unfinished than the story of Iraq, where despite flowery speeches regarding freedom and sovereignty by the Obama administration, despite assurances that tyranny has been “cast aside,” the tragedy caused by the United States invasion, occupation and inevitable abandonment is on an epic proportion.

Read it all.

So where was the political Left condemning Obama for getting us involved in Egypt and Libya for instance?  Watch for it, we will soon hear calls for us to take Egyptian and Libyan refugees (maybe they have already begun!).

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