Does Canada have more criminal refugees then the US?

Or, is Canada’s legal system more willing to go after them and is the Canadian media better than US media about reporting cases like this one?

Here is the latest from the Toronto Sun on a crime ring involving “refugees” from Hungary.  This guy is convicted of trafficking humans and ripping off the welfare system.

Attila Kolompar sat in the prisoner’s box and never looked at the two young men he was convicted of keeping virtual slaves working at his contracting firm.

And Assistant Crown Attorney Anthony Skarica spared nothing when he described Kolompar — clad in prison orange overalls and a black leather jacket — as a member of a crime group that spearheaded an “invasion of evil” that breached Canada’s borders and threatens its financial stability.

Go to the full story to learn more about what he did.

Now, check this out, can any of you imagine a US news outlet reporting in this way? I can’t even imagine a US prosecutor using this kind of language! (Emphasis mine)

Superior Court Judge Stephen Glithero allowed Kolompar to get early parole, but only to be deported to Hungary.

“Canadians have certainly been badly abused by this man,” Glithero said in his sentencing of the man considered to be a mid-level player in the crime family. “If deported, one hopes he never makes his way back.”

Skarica described the Domotor family crime group, which originated from Papa, Hungary, as an entire criminal organization that came to Canada and applied for refugee status shortly after the country eased visa requirements in 2008.

The crime group “set up shop and operated unmolested,” Skarica told Glithero.

“This invasion of evil is part of an invasion of bogus refugees” that threatens the financial well-being of our governments, he said.

He suggested to the court, if totalled, bogus refugees’ claims must cost Canada billions.

* We have written a lot about Canada, go here, for our complete archive.  I just scanned a few posts I’ve written about Canada in recent months and many are about criminal refugees north of the border.

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