Comment worth noting: reader asks when will refugee problems come to Montana?

Reader, Carol, asked that question in response to my previous post on Boise, ID.

It occurred to me that it’s been awhile since I told you where you could get information on your state programs.  Here is the list of State Refugee Coordinators at the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).

I urge all of you to write or call your coordinator and ask for a copy of their most recent PLAN for your state.  Technically all states must have an approved plan every year!  If they say they have no PLAN for this year, tell them you want the most recent PLAN approved by ORR.

Also, you should visit WRAPS from time to time to check on the numbers and nationalities of refugees being resettled where you live.  I mentioned WRAPS here recently.   Go here then scroll down to the data base for ‘Arrivals by Destination City by Nationality by FY’ for the stats for the last five years.

Note that Montana has only had a few refugees resettled in recent years—then continue scrolling to the states that follow in the alphabet—Nebraska, Nevada and New Hampshire—and note the THOUSANDS dropped-off from every corner of the world.

Visit our ‘where to find information’ category for other fun facts.

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