Criminals and terrorists wreaking havoc in refugee camps for Somalis in Kenya

The place is infested!   More on the campaign to get them to your towns and cities ASAP?  But wait!  Didn’t we hear just ten days ago that Mogadishu is safe?

From Sabahi:

UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesman for Kenya Emmanuel Nyabera said security fears have greatly affected the provision of medical and food aid to the more than 500,000 refugees in the complex comprised of Hagadera, Ifo, Ifo II and Dagahaley camps.

“Everyone from the refugees, aid workers, law enforcers and the host community is affected by criminal activities of the al-Shabaab militants and other criminal elements in the camps,” Nyabera told Sabahi.

He said when aid workers are faced with the prospect of kidnappings, landmines and grenade attacks from the al-Qaeda-allied al-Shabaab movement, it affects morale at the camp.

Last year, al-Shabaab kidnapped three Doctors Without Borders aid workers in the camps. This was followed by a spate of landmine and grenade attacks that killed several Kenyan security officers and fatal shootings of some refugee leaders.

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