San Antonio: Somali suspected terrorist pleads guilty

I know, I know, we’ve heard this before, but read this story.  It is a great example of what happens as “asylum seekers” lie their way into the US.  

And, this story is instructive for all of you who think only Hispanics are coming across our southern border!

Asylees vs. refugees:

Just a reminder, the UN and the State Department select supposedly persecuted “refugees” and bring them here; “asylum seekers” arrive at our border and ask for asylum because they say they are persecuted in their home country.  These programs are two sides of the same coin with the asylum side growing more rapidly then the refugee side.

The good news in this case is that we caught this guy and now we get to pay for his imprisonment, but what about wifey?

From My San Antonio (hat tip: Gary)

A Somali man with suspected terrorism ties pleaded guilty Wednesday to lying to an immigration judge in a failed bid to get asylum, and to FBI agents investigating his links to terrorist groups.

Abdullah Omar Fidse surprised prosecutors Wednesday when his lawyer announced that he wanted to plead guilty to two charges of making false statements.

His hearing before Chief U.S. District Judge Fred Biery was initially meant to take up a motion to dismiss an indictment that could have left him facing more than 30 years in prison. With his guilty plea, he now faces up to 10 years.

Liar! Liar!  By the way, see my post here about the asylum racket.  I am convinced these Somalis and others who know to ask for asylum when caught coming across the border have already gotten some “guidance” from US immigration lawyers.  And, interestingly here is another story about Somali asylum fraud from San Antonio in March 2011.

Back to the latest news:

Fidse and Deka Abdalla Sheikh were detained at the Hidalgo port of entry in January 2008. Neither had identification, but both claimed persecution in their home country and sought asylum. Sheikh eventually got it, was granted temporary permanent residence and has been living in Madison, Wis.  [So, does the lying Wisconsin wifey get to walk free and be supported by the US taxpayer?—ed]

Fidse was held as federal authorities investigated him, and he remains jailed after the couple was indicted in May 2011.

At a hearing in September, Sheikh pleaded guilty to conspiracy to make false statements, admitting Fidse “coached” her on how to respond to immigration officials’ questions during his immigration court hearings.

The two rehearsed their responses, which they knew to be false, via phone. They even created hand signals to secretly communicate with each other during court testimony.

Following their rehearsed lines, the defendants each told authorities Fidse fled Mogadishu, Somalia in 2008 after his father was killed by Islamist militants and that they had first met in Ethiopia.

But the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force says Fidse’s father was not killed by al-Qaida or any of its Somali franchises and that Fidse and Sheikh, who had known each other since childhood, eventually married and lived together for three years.

Fidse was living in Nairobi, Kenya*, not Somalia, at the time he claimed his father was killed, officials said. And, Fidse’s father died of natural causes.

“Gather your horses and weapons and terrorize the infidels!”  That means you—“welcoming” Americans.  You are infidels too!

At a hearing last year, FBI special agent Mark Wagoner testified Fidse was secretly recorded saying he had been a cook for Osama bin Laden, and that he was “in tears” after a U.S. airstrike in Somalia in 2008 killed Aden Ayro, head of the extreme Islamic group al-Shabaab.

Fidse “spoke about jihad, ” Wagoner said. “He also recited the Koran … phrases like ‘Gather your horses and weapons and terrorize the infidels.’”

For new readers, for every suspected Somali terrorist caught, know that we are resettling thousands of Somalis here every year.  See this old post from 2008 (still one of the most visited posts everyday at RRW) about the numbers of Somalis legally being invited to live in your city.   Check out the stats for your cities here at WRAPS—seems the data is back!

We have hundreds of posts at RRW on Somali problems throughout the US.  Use our search function to find one (or LOL! more) near you!  We can always count on Somali news to liven our pages.

*Addendum:  We do not normally give asylum to people from Kenya unless they happen to be the uncle of the President of the US!

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