More shocking news about Arizona Iraqi refugee bomber

Patrick Poole, who first broke the story we reported (here) from PJ Media has learned more information about the Iraqi refugee who allegedly planted explosives and detonated them at the Social Security Administration office in Casa Grande, Arizona.

The latest news from Poole at PJ Media is entitled:  Arizona Bomber had citizenship rejected by Homeland Security for ‘terrorism-related activity’:

Back on Sunday I broke the news here at PJ Media of the arrest of Abdullatif Aldosary in connection with the bombing of a Social Security Administration office in Casa Grande, Arizona, last Friday morning. I noted that while the bombing and Aldosary’s arrest had received local news coverage, there was a virtual blackout by the national media on the Iraqi refugee’s identity.

Yesterday I reported on details provided to the federal court on Monday during Aldosary’s initial court hearing, which included information on what was found when the FBI conducted a search of his Coolidge, Arizona, home last Friday night. Among the items recovered was a bomb-making manual that had been hidden behind a photograph on the wall. Also discovered were an AK-47 and a 9mm Ruger handgun, along with more than a thousand rounds of ammunition. Kerry Picket at the Washington Times also reported that they recovered several gallons of chemicals typically used in bomb making.

When authorities checked Aldosary’s bank statements, they found he had more than $20,000 despite the fact that he was a convicted felon, only worked as a day laborer, and had no visible means of supporting himself sufficient to warrant having that kind of balance.

But a bombshell report came out today based on information obtained by Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), who had received a request from Aldosary in November 2011 for assistance in obtaining a “green card.”

According to today’s news report, the Department of Homeland Security responded to Gosar’s request on behalf of Aldosary last year by saying that he was ineligible for a change in status because of “terrorism-related grounds of inadmissibility”

For more on the stunning revelation, please visit Patrick Poole at PJ Media where he has lots more info. and to follow the links which I didn’t post in here because I’m in a huge hurry this morning!

Aldosary had bomb-making material!  He was a known potential terrorist…….

It is too amazing for words, his case was described in an earlier Poole post to be “too sensitive,”  yet I can’t help but contrast our reaction to this known Muslim “terrorist” being allowed to walk free and stay in the US with what happened in a tiny town where I live last week—a massive police/FBI Swat operation for a conservative rightwing guy who had a gun violation.

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