Arab Spring agitators told to get with the green agenda

The climate refugees are coming!  There needs to be a Green Arab Agenda!

I thought this little blog post at New Generation Consulting was very instructive.  Seems the fomenters of unrest in the Middle East/North Africa went to Europe for some training by the Lefties and got lectured about how they better get on the global warming bandwagon (or at least that’s how I read this post):

I remember witnessing a surreal scene during an international Forum in Northern Europe, in 2011. A group of young Arab pro-democracy actors, heroes of the day, had been gathered for lunch break to meet with one of the Forum leaders. They were duly reminded of the importance of protecting the environment and asked to start promoting ASAP a “green agenda” for their countries. The Arab heroes, slightly taken by surprise, promised politely to do so.

How can you be so disconnected from the realities and preoccupations of the Arab peoples and be so right at the same time?

The latest World Bank report on Adaptation to a changing climate in the Arab countries reminds us that war and peace are not the only matters of life or death in our region.

Assuming that few people in the Arab world would read this fascinating 441 page report, we have decided to select a few striking data about national impact of climate change (CC) at the environmental, social, economic and political levels (table below). This post is but a humble attempt at raising awareness about Climate Change and environmental degradation in the Arab  countries.  At the end of the day, the real missing link for political accountability and a “green Arab agenda” are informed citizens demanding serious change.

Check it out.

Why have I posted this?  Because it’s interesting to me on several levels—first, that the international Left is trying so hard to shoehorn its way into the Islamic supremacist crowd I think not fully understanding that in the long term the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood has nothing to do with the Leftist/Marxist agenda.   But, the Arab agitators know that they have to, for the time-being anyway, work with the Lefties and thus, in this case “politely” agree with their collaborators, in the manufacture of chaos, that they are worried about global warming too!

And, the other reason I’m interested is that the drumbeat about “climate refugees” continues, and I want to keep our climate refugees category up to date after having let it languish for some time.

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