No surprise! The world wants to come to America….

….and the Chinese want to have babies!

Steve Sailer writing at VDARE directs us to a recent worldwide Gallup poll that has determined that, of all the countries in the world, most migrants want to get into America!

Here is Sailer:

The Gallup organization just released the results of a poll of 500,000 people worldwide. It turns out that America is the first choice destination for 138 million adult would-be immigrants. (Their children would no doubt add scores of millions more, bringing the total up to around, say, 200,000,000.)

And America Jr. (i.e., Canada) is the first choice of 37 million adults, and America’s nephew Australia is the first choice of 26 million. Most of those would likely go to America instead if they could get in.

138 million want in while the present US population stands at just over 315 million!  

Here is the Gallup Report and the top countries most desired by would-be migrants.

I hate to break it to the 29 million who want to get into Saudi Arabia, but they don’t allow their Muslim brethren in except for limited slave labor.

Then here are the nationalities of those trying to escape to America and the West:

There is more, read Sailer’s whole commentary.

The Chinese are coming!

No wonder the Chinese are the largest group of asylum seekers slipping into the US.  Here Jason Dzubow writing at The Asylumist tells us why.   Babies!  They want to have babies, lots of babies and for that reason we grant them asylum.

Here is Dzubow (emphasis mine):

A new report from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (“UNHCR”) shows that asylum claims in industrialized countries have increased 20% from 2010 to 2011.  The United States continued to receive the most asylum seekers among the countries surveyed: approximately 74,000 asylum seekers in 2011.  This compares to approximately 55,500 asylum seekers for 2010, a 33% increase (among all countries, South Africa received the most asylum seekers).

The increase in asylum seekers to the U.S. is due largely to higher numbers from three countries: China (+20%), Mexico (+94%), and India (+241%).

The U.S. receives more asylum seekers from China than from any other country.  In 2010, we received 12,850 asylum seekers from China.  In 2011, we received 15,450 asylum seekers from China, an increase of 2,600 people or about 20%.  The large numbers are probably due to special provisions in the Immigration and Nationality Act that provide for asylum for victims of forced family planning–these provisions were created specifically to assist people from China, and they certainly seem to have encouraged Chinese nationals to seek asylum here.  Indeed, of the 24,400 Chinese asylum seekers worldwide, the U.S. received about 63% of all cases.  This is a very high number, given our physical distance from China.

For new readers:  The Refugee Resettlement Program and our Asylum Program are two sides of the same coin.  The difference is that with refugees certain nationalities are usually targeted for resettlement—right now the top groups we are taking are Iraqis, Bhutanese/Nepali, and Burmese.  They are screened and flown here and placed in your towns by US State Department contractors.

Asylum seekers get here on their own steam (usually helped by traffickers and paying large fees) and then ask for asylum at our borders or other ports of entry.  Immigration lawyers are ready and waiting for their business—to help them prove they are persecuted for an ever-growing list of complaints (including spousal abuse, sexual orientation and because they want to procreate)!

Update:  Asylum seeker numbers rise sharply in Australia, here.  (I have too many potential posts backed up, so am just linking this story here so as not to lose it).

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