Australia (again!) Sudanese refugee gets 14 years for murdering fellow refugee

…and it’s all a big waste when these refugees spend their days in Australia getting drunk, says Judge.

Here is the story from NineNews :

Justice Betty King: African refugees wasting their lives drinking and committing crimes. Herald Sun photo.

Justice Betty King says there have been numerous examples of African refugees coming before the courts for offences linked to excessive consumption of alcohol.

She says many young Africans appear to be spending their days drinking because they have nothing to do and are seemingly dispossessed.

Justice King said Boronika Gam Hothnyang, 25, not only wasted the life of William Awu when she stabbed him to death but also wasted her own life.

Both Hothnyang and Mr Awu, 26, had fled war-torn Sudan hoping for a better life in Australia.

Hothnyang stabbed Mr Awu, who was her friend, once in the chest as he sat passed out in a chair at her Dandenong home. [LOL! Australia has very strict gun laws, but knives are readily available—ed]

Justice King described the crime as inexplicable, but noted Mr Awu, a talented drawer, had earlier sketched Hothnyang in a caricature in which she was overweight.

The judge said the murder was a tragic waste of life that was all too common.

“It is a disturbing matter to note that you and the persons with whom you were gathered, including the deceased, are not the first, second, third or even fourth of similar groups of Sudanese or other African refugees that have come before the courts on serious charges which can be directly linked to the consumption of large quantities of alcohol,” Justice King said.

“All of this is such a sad reflection on our society that we have groups of seemingly dispossessed men and women who have been brought here as refugees with little or nothing to do except drink their days away.”

As is to be expected, NO mention of where they get the money to get drunk while they are doing nothing—-the Australian taxpayer.   And, for their welcoming deed  in this woman’s case, the murderer has three kids that will surely now be taken care of by—you guessed it!—the Australian taxpayer as she does time in the slammer.

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