Howie Carr asks: How many of these jihadist “refugees” can we as a society survive?

I mentioned yesterday that Boston radio talk show host Howie Carr didn’t pull any punches in his criticism of our ‘humanitarian’ refugee program that is responsible for the Tsarnaev brothers good fortune in America. This is what Carr said in an opinion piece in the Boston Herald today, thanks to Judy for sending it.

Hey Howie, don’t hold back!  (emphasis below is mine)

So once again, no good deed goes unpunished.

Uncle Sam lets another bunch of leeching future terrorists into the country who have absolutely no business being here, gives them “asylum,” making them immediately eligible for welfare, and this is the thanks we get?

They turn into mass murderers.

We bring in thousands of Muslims from a primitive society that has been battling Christians for centuries, and put them into a peaceful Christian society — what could possible go wrong?

This is what I was thinking about yesterday, with much of the city under what amounted to martial law. Once more, law-abiding American citizens were paying the price for the insane immigration policies that have so damaged this society in recent years.

You can see the decay everywhere — in the emergency rooms, in the courts, in the welfare offices and, yes, in the epidemic of senseless murders. The only difference this time was one of the bloodthirsty fiends was actually a naturalized U.S. citizen.

And then these “refugees” started killing the generous Americans who supported them for years in their indolence. The young Tsarnaev even got a $2,500 scholarship from the City of Cambridge — which is why I never, ever gave a dime to the Cambridge scholarship fund when I lived there.

I know you’re not supposed to paint with a broad brush, unless you’re a liberal, in which case you are not only permitted, but expected to make Adam Lanza the poster boy for 100 million law-abiding legal gun owners.

But please, before the Kool-Aid drinkers in the Senate try to get amnesty for at least 12 million un­documented Democrats, can somebody please consider how many more of these Dzhokhar Tsarnaevs we really need?  [Does Mr. Carr know the Gang of Eight bill will allow more refugees into the US more easily and with less screening?—ed]

A better question: How many of these jihadist “refugees” can we as a society survive?

Look at the chaos and the tragedy these Chechens have inflicted on the people of Boston this week. Who asked them to come here? What exactly do they contribute to the culture? They have had everything — absolutely everything — handed to them.

Obviously, no other country in the world wanted these sharia-crazed Stone Age Muslim terrorists.

There is just a bit more (here) because I couldn’t resist posting most of it.  Carr seems to have some firsthand knowledge of the program.

I guess I better make a whole category for the Boston Marathon bombing so that readers may access all of our posts more easily.  Surely there will be more ….

Send a message to the US State Department

The next hearing on how many (and which refugees) to bring to America in FY2014 is in May.  Go here to see how you can send in testimony.  You do not have to be an expert on the program and testimony can be short (civil please)!

And, don’t forget!  Al-Hijra, the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, buy it and read it!

Media on Chechens, manipulating the numbers and twisting the truth

Steve Sailer has a very good post on Chechens, here (read it), in which he directs us to a USA Today story on Chechen “refugee” numbers.

Here is how USA Today begins (emphasis mine, and when I use red I really mean it!):

Glen Howard looks like a nice guy, maybe I shouldn’t say he is lying. But no city in America gets to pick its refugees!

There are probably fewer than about 200 Chechen immigrants in the United States, and most of them are settled in the Boston area, as many U.S. cities have refused to accept asylum applicants from the war-torn area of southern Russia, says Glen Howard, president of the Jamestown Foundation.

Glen Howard is flat out lying!    First, we really don’t know how many Chechens are in the US (heck, clearly this family was moving back and forth to Russia), but more importantly I am unaware of any city in America given the opportunity to say “NO ” to any particular ethnic refugee group Indeed, this is one of the most serious complaints about refugee resettlement (which includes asylees)—states and cities are not consulted in the resettlement process, and once the migrant has a foot in the door, they can move anywhere.

The decision about which cities get refugees and from where is made mostly by unelected federal contractors (the volags) in collaboration with the State Department.  This is a Tenth Amendment States Rights issue that hardly any state has ever raised (except maybe Tennessee).    Only when there has been a complete breakdown in the city due to refugee overload is there ever a hiatus for a city once it’s been deemed “welcoming” by the resettlement industry.

***Update*** A reader this evening sent this comment in response to the above point:

Not only do states and cities not have a choice to say no, but when and if they try to, the federal government simply contracts with a private non-profit to bring them anyway.

Should there ever be any peep of objection by the “native population”, they are then accused of being unwelcoming.

USA Today continued with this:

About 70% of the Chechen immigrants are women, Howard says. Very few men are granted asylum because of U.S. anti-terrorism policies and because Russia often protests when ethnic Chechens try to settle in the U.S., he said. The U.S. admitted only 197 refugees from all of Russia in 2012.

This is how they twist the numbers.  There might have been only 197 from Russia proper in 2012, but that is meaningless!   Go to the Office of Refugee Resettlement Annual Report to Congress for 2009 (published three years late btw) and go to Appendix A.  Note that refugees are listed as from THE FORMER USSR!  (not just Russia).

From 1983 to 2009 we resettled 526,308 from THE FORMER USSR which includes Russia AND all of those countries that split off—all of the ‘stan’ Muslim countries.  Someone at the State Department might be able to tell us how many are Chechens, and indeed how many are Muslims!

In 2005 we resettled:  11,272

In 2006: 10,452

In 2007: 4,583

In 2008: 2,390

In 2009: 2,022

After that the numbers are hard to find (and I’ve got other things to do today!).  But, if the ORR wasn’t breaking the law by not providing annual reports to Congress for 2010, 2011 and 2012, we could easily find numbers.

And, then this!  We are expected to assume the US has only 200 Chechens when Austria has 30,000.  Last I checked you could come to the US easily from Europe once you were in the EU.

That contrasts with many European countries, especially Austria, where many Chechens who want to leave difficult conditions at home settle. Austria has about 30,000 Chechen immigrants, Howard said.

For additional edification, readers might want to search RRW for all the problems poor Austria is having with its large and ever-growing Muslim population.  Just type ‘Austria’ into our search function and see if you want that here!


It is time for a moratorium on Muslim immigration, or is it too late for us already?

There I’ve said it.  I know most respectable immigration control advocates won’t say it.  It is just too politically-incorrect for most people, but it has to be said.  Many are afraid of what CAIR will say (LOL! they have already come out to warn against backlash!), but most are just plain afraid to be called racist, xenophobic, bigoted boobs.

The Chechen Jihadists carry deadly bombs through happy American crowd in Boston on April 15,2013

I don’t know what the total number of Muslims we admit each year is (the State Department knows, but does not release that information), but it is substantial via our Refugee Resettlement Program which includes refugees the US State Department brings here, and those who come seeking asylum.

And, as for the latter, remember that not all of those coming across our borders in the dark of night are Mexicans looking for landscaping and nanny jobs—OTMs (Other than Mexicans) account for thousands each year.   The Gang of Eight bill now before the US Senate would allow those from Islamic countries to get on the path to citizenship.

National War College Report

Yesterday, as news unfolded from Boston, I couldn’t help but think about State Department official David Robinson’s report to the National War College in 2000 in which he tells us the sorry tale of  Clinton/Gore demanding that we airlift thousands of Kosovars to the US to show that there was a need for the Balkan war.  You see a war wouldn’t be a real one without “refugees.”

A short time later we hauled many of them back to Kosovo, here.

Cheering the decision for an airlift were the federal refugee contractors (euphemistically called Voluntary Agencies—Volags for short) who get paid by the head (by you!) to resettle the refugees.

That report opened my eyes to the realization that we were using the refugee program for political reasons unrelated to the plight of the poor and suffering camp-dwelling people you are accustomed to seeing as the poster children for the program.

The Boston bomber brothers are just two of those belonging to a particular Muslim ethnic group we are moving into your towns and cities for some other foreign policy reason unrelated to their supposed suffering.

US State Department hearing

Last year, at the State Department hearing on how many refugees to bring in FY2013, I listed ten reasons we needed a moratorium on the whole program.  That testimony is here.   Numbers 3 and 7 relate to my point here this morning:

3)   Terrorist organizations (mostly Islamic) are using the program that still clearly has many failings in the security screening system.  Indeed consideration should be given to halting the resettlement of Muslims altogether.  Also, the UN should have no role in choosing refugees for the US.


7)   Congress needs to specifically disallow the use of the refugee program for other purposes of the US Government, especially using certain refugee populations to address unrelated foreign policy objectives—Uzbeks, Kosovars, Meshketians and Bhutanese (Nepalese) people come to mind. [editors note: Bhutanese are not Muslims]

Regarding #7, we have chronicled on many occasions over the last five plus years problems with refugee groups we resettled for questionable foreign policy reasons. Now we can add Chechens!  Was our government helping out a foreign government (Russia!) by bringing them here in apparently large numbers? 

Naive people involved in refugee resettlement have this crazy notion that America is a magic melting pot whose power is so great that Islamists will give up their Koranic admonition to wage jihad in exchange for the good life—a job, a house, a car and other material goodies.

Let’s list just a few “refugee” ethnic groups that have created problems here in addition to Chechens:

Kurds, Somalis, Ethiopians, Uzbeks, Bosnians, Iraqis, Albanians—we have written about them here at one point or another having created problems for the communities to which they were distributed.   Look for more Muslims to be resettled from Syria, Afghanistan, and Burma (Rohingya!).

Don’t forget!  Once the seed community is established the original settlers can apply to bring their family members with the help of the Volags (who are paid to do the paperwork processing).

Send a message to the US State Department

The next hearing on how many (and which refugees) to bring to America in FY2014 is in May.  Go here to see how you can send in testimony.  You do not have to be an expert on the program and testimony can be short (civil please)!

And, don’t forget!  Al-Hijra, the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, buy it and read it!

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