Muslims continue their war on Buddhists by destroying holy site

It is believed the Islamic terrorists did it to get revenge for the Rohingya of Burma.

Brave monks! Photos like this enrage the Islamic supremacists.

Pamela Geller has the whole story, here.

According to intelligence sources, Bodh Gaya has been in the crosshairs of Pakistan-based terrorists, who want to avenge violence against Rohingya Muslims in Buddhist-dominated Myanmar.

The take away for readers here is that you must say NO! to the resettlement of Rohingya in America.  Just a few days ago we again had another call by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops to BRING ROHINGYA TO AMERICA!  Here!

Please visit our nearly 6-year-old Rohingya Reports category (151 previous posts) to get the story the mainstream media won’t tell you about the Rohingya.  We weren’t paying attention when the US State Department resettled over 100,000 Somalis in the US, but we have a chance now to stop a Rohingya migration before it gets fully underway.

And, one more thing.  In S.744 the refugee lobby has an important provision they have been after for years—the designation of whole classes and groups of people as automatically assumed to be persecuted just because of who they are.  Presently refugees, in most cases, must prove personal persecution.  If the Gang’s bill becomes law, it would be sufficient only to say—I am a Rohingya Muslim, therefore I am persecuted and entitled to receive asylum.

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