Ho Hum! Rudd’s a racist

Brisbane crowds protest Kevin Rudd’s so-called PNG solution. Photo: Harrison Saragossi

Australia has a boat people problem.  Too many aliens are attempting to land there with hopes of getting asylum and the new government under Kevin Rudd has a plan.  We told you about it here.

See the latest on anti-Rudd protests at the Brisbane Times. (Photo is from that opinion piece)

Clearly the Marxists* don’t like the plan and so therefore all they know how to do is to call those who oppose their wide-open borders multi-culti dreamland “racists.”

Calling all Socialists and Communists—-please tell us if you have any limit to the number of people who could migrate to your country.   Do you believe that countries like Australia should just open its borders to any one who wishes to come?  How would the workers pay for all those needy people?  What happens to Marxism when the largest numbers of asylum seekers are Muslims who don’t believe in Marxism, and they ultimately become the majority?

I’m serious (I would like to ask this girl carrying the sign) would any reader who considers himself (or herself) a Socialist please tell us if there is a limit for you—a magic number that would be too many?

* Photo:  See the sign with SA at the bottom.  That must be Australia’s ‘Socialist Alternative’–a Marxist organization.

For new readers, visit our Australia category where this will be our 104th post on the problems with refugees, asylum seekers and illegal aliens downunder.  From my vantage point it seems that immigration is the major policy issue facing that country right now.

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