RRW round-up for the week ending November 22nd

I feel badly that I didn’t post yesterday—probably the first time in months that I’ve missed a day.  But, I will try to catch up today (I have a huge queue of potential posts).  I’m working on a bigger project so there will be some lighter days going forward.

However, I noticed that my absence wasn’t missed as a large number of readers were back anyway reading some of our 6,000+ previous posts.  We are on target to make November 2014 our best month ever!

Top posts this week were the following (daily top posts are in the right hand sidebar).

I was surprised to see that our fact sheet did not make it into the top three this time.  And, I was equally surprised to see that the Somalis go to Wyoming for subsidized housing vouchers story was, for the third week in a row, our top post!  (I sure hope it isn’t because refugees and their handlers across the country are sending it around and are headed to Wyoming for their vouchers!)

1. So why are those Somalis moving to Cheyenne, WY? Prepare to be shocked

2. Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains largely funded by government contracts

3. In Liberal, Kansas meat packing plant a black guy named Smith murders a Somali refugee

That last one, about Liberal, Kansas was a month-old yesterday, so I don’t know why it hit big this week.  One of my Kansas correspondents found nothing new happening on the case, but did find a juicy story I hope to get posted today.

Our top ten countries for the week were as follows (in descending order and excluding the US).  Usually Canada, Australia and the UK are somewhere in the top 3, but last week Malta came in at number one, and now Germany has pushed the UK to number four.










New Zealand

A trip down memory lane! 

I’ve been doing some digging about our first year (2007) at RRW and came across this very thorough piece (‘In Maryland, resistance closes refugee office’) published at the Emporia Gazette (Kansas) written by Bobbi Mylnar that chronicles how Washington County Maryland residents (including this writer) questioned the US State Department and its contractor Virginia Council of Churches about resettlement of third-worlders in Hagerstown, the county seat.

The detailed report, which I had completely forgotten about, chronicles that episode and the consequent birth of this blog—Refugee Resettlement Watch.  It also (significantly) reports the demise of the resettlement effort in Washington County, MD.

Why was Emporia, Kansas interested in faraway western Maryland?  They were in the midst of a huge public controversy about the arrival of large numbers of Somali refugees to work for Tyson Foods (what else!).  Ultimately the controversy became so heated, Tyson closed the plant and move the Somalis to other towns.  We have a whole category here at RRW on that battle.

For new readers!

Since we get new readers every day, here is my usual spiel.

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