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Last minute urgent update!

We have learned that Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration Anne Richard is headed to Spartanburg, SC next week to address community concerns in that Pocket of Resistance.   She will be there August 24 and 25.  This is a big deal PR move for the State Department.  Contact Christina Jeffrey at for more information!  
Or, find  her on facebook, here.

Cool map tells us which immigrant ethnic group holds demographic dominance in each state

A reader, Phillip, sent us this very interesting map.  It is a little annoying to have to figure out in some cases which flag is depicted on certain states, but it is nonetheless informative.  States with dominant populations of Burmese, Bhutanese, Somali, Cuban, Ethiopian, Iraqi or Vietnamese got that way through the Refugee Admissions Program since they are all major refugee-sending countries.
Somalis are dominant in Minnesota and Maine; Iraqis in Tennessee, Michigan and Idaho.
We don’t take many refugees from the Philippines, China, Dominican Republic, India or of course Canada.  They get in here through other means.  However, the Chinese are the largest group of asylum seekers who successfully get in.
The map makers excluded Mexico (don’t know why).  And, I would have guessed the Salvadorans would dominate Maryland.
Here is where Phillip got the map, I don’t have time to examine it further, but you might.
flag map of US

Trump jumps to A- grade on NumbersUSA Presidential candidate score card

Puts a discussion of LEGAL immigration on the table with his Immigration white paper.

DES MOINES, IA - AUGUST 15: Republican presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump speaks with reporters after arriving at the Iowa State Fair on August 15, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa. The Iowa State Fair is one of the oldest and largest agricultural and industrial expositions in the United States. The fair runs through August 23. (Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)
DES MOINES, IA – AUGUST 15: Republican presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump speaks with reporters after arriving at the Iowa State Fair on August 15, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa. (Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

Here is Roy Beck writing at NumbersUSA earlier this week:

The weight of Donald Trump’s front-runner status and his detailed plan released over the weekend tipped the balance among the Republicans’ 2016 Presidential field so that the dominant position now is that immigration policy is a jobs and wage issue.

And he joins several candidates in raising the question in one way or another of whether LEGAL immigration ought to be reduced.

Several candidates had already been advancing the idea in recent months that federal policies on LEGAL immigration are not serving the interests of the American worker.

Continue reading here.
And, go here, to see the latest scores.   Rick Santorum still has a solid A, Trump A-.  The next closest candidate is Scott Walker with a B,  and then all of the other candidates at this time have lower scores. Trump earlier had a C score.
I say it is about time that LEGAL immigration numbers are scrutinized and we thank Trump for forcing the discussion when a whole bunch of Presidential candidates haven’t had the guts to address immigration at all, let alone put their ideas in writing.
Trump on refugees
Here (below) is what Trump says in his brief mention of the Refugee Admissions Program of the UN/US State Department. Find the abuses in the program and the money saved should be used for America’s children:

Refugee program for American children. Increase standards for the admission of refugees and asylum-seekers to crack down on abuses. Use the monies saved on expensive refugee programs to help place American children without parents in safer homes and communities, and to improve community safety in high crime neighborhoods in the United States.

It is a good first step. It is up to all of you to impress upon your elected officials (at all levels) and ultimately the mainstream media that this program has gone seriously and irreparably awry.  We have more work to do.  They don’t know yet what you know.

Is FBI attempting to chill free speech with report that reads like it was authored by the Southern Poverty Law Center?

World Net Daily writer Leo Hohmann (who has written extensively on the Refugee Program) reports on a document that the FBI will not deny is theirs.
The gist of it is that the FBI is watching militia groups they claim are anti-Islam and asserts that the groups are getting their inspiration from World Net Daily, the Blaze, Fox News and Pamela Geller among others.  Below we have snipped a bit of Hohmann’s report.

Is Obama’s FBI chilling free speech with report?

But, first a suggestion from a political observer to me:

This appears to be a free-political-speech threat.

Grassley (Senate Judiciary) or Goodlatte (House Judiciary) should open an investigatory hearing on this “intelligence bulletin”, swear all the administration witnesses, ask who directed such instructions, and at least publish a report or a staff study on their findings.

Here is World Net Daily (ignore the confusing headline) on the astounding “intelligence bulletin:”

Just three weeks after ISIS attacked a Muhammad cartoonist event in Garland, Texas, the FBI began circulating an intelligence bulletin that alerts state, federal and local law enforcement about the likelihood of attacks against Muslims by “militia extremists.”

The bulletin, marked “sensitive” and not for distribution without FBI authorization, cites evidence gathered since 2013 that American militia groups are planning attacks on mosques, Islamic centers and possibly individual Muslims.

The document is dated May 28, 2015, and was leaked to Public Intelligence, an online information site committed to exposing government secrets and data. Public Intelligence posted the document on its site Aug. 18.

Named in the bulletin as news sites that provide information that supposedly fuels the militia groups were, Fox News, the Blaze, Western Journalism Center, Patriot Newswire and Pamela Geller’s blog,


The FBI concludes that there are “salient perceptions within militia extremism that contribute toward an anti-Muslim bias.” The FBI says such “bias” against Islam is based on the following beliefs among the “extremists”:

~“Islam represents a foreign threat, equivalent to those which emanate from illegal immigration or international terrorism.

~“The President of the United States not only sympathizes with Islamic extremists but directs U.S. Government policy to align with their goals.”


WND contacted the FBI with several questions about the bulletin and got the following response from Joshua Campbell, supervisory special agent of the FBI office of public affairs.

“Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any information on the authenticity or contents of the referenced document. Our standard practice is to neither confirm or deny investigations or comment on bulletins provided to law enforcement partners.”

One of the questions WND asked was if he FBI had documented any actual militia attacks on Muslims over the past seven years.

None, I am sure, or it would have been all over the news.
Go to WND to read what some of those fingered by the FBI have to say.