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Before I get to the three top posts, we want to let you know that ‘Pockets of Resistance (POR)’ are mushrooming (see my earlier post this morning for instance).  Some of you may hear from (or have already heard from) Jim Simpson who is working to connect grassroots activists.  Jim reports that he has now identified citizens concerned about the colonization of their communities in 24 states!  It is not too late to get in on the action!
Go here and sign up (Center for Security Policy) to be included in the new network.
To all of you reaching out to me to find out what you can do, remember, I’m a blogger and have no organization (no staff etc) behind me.  I love my charitable work of researching and simply reporting the news and educating you on this increasingly hot topic!  And, I am so sorry, although I spend some time each day answering e-mails, I have so little time to answer all of your questions and requests.
By the way, that first youtube video of mine which I reported last week had passed the 1 million viewer mark, is up to 1,132,419 views this week.

Here are our Top Three Posts of last week (Top daily posts are in the right hand sidebar).   That second one is an old post from back in May.

1)  Before you get too excited about Presidential candidate Ms. Carly

2)  36,144 refugees admitted to US in first seven months of FY2015 (fiscal year)

3)  Our fact sheet

I don’t know what the interest was in that #2 post but surely it must have been this map (refugees admitted 2009-2012) that tells us what we knew intuitively, that some states—notably Idaho, North and South Dakota and surprisingly Vermont—are getting huge numbers of refugees in relation to their population size.  Both Idaho and North Dakota have recently developed ‘POR.’
map refugees distorted

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Cuban "refugee" numbers ticked up dramatically when Obama announced normalization of relations with Cuba

Once Obama announced that we were going to be on good terms with Communist Cuba, I wondered what it would mean for the tens of thousands of so-called Cuban refugees we have been taking in over recent years.

I would think the whole Cuban resettlement would come to a grinding halt since love was in the air between our country and theirs.

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Sec. of State John Kerry in Cuba last week. We are now pals with the Cuban government. So this should mean that no more ‘refugees’ need to come to the US from Cuba! Right!

Apparently Cubans wanting out saw the writing-on-the-wall and expedited their travel to America.
Here, according to Breitbart (hat tip: Joanne):

The United States is experiencing a massive surge in the number of Cuban refugees risking their lives to reach American shores, following President Obama’s announcement that the White House would legitimize the communist Castro regime by reestablishing diplomatic relations.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol is reporting that 23,978 Cuban refugees arrived in the United States between October 2014 and May 2015, with another 3,564 Cubans attempting and failing to reach U.S. shores. Most of those arriving successfully crossed the southern border with Mexico or crossed the straits of the Caribbean separating Florida from Cuba. The number of Cubans arriving in the past eight months is significantly larger than the number that reached the United States throughout all of the 2014 fiscal year: 22,162.

In January, officials reported experiencing a major spike in Cuban refugee migration between December 2014 and January 2015, in the immediate aftermath of President Obama’s announcement of normalization of relations with the Cuban regime. Coastal officials recorded a 60% increase in the number of Cubans traveling to the United States in the last trimester of 2014, but a 117% increase in migration when comparing December 2013 and December 2014.

Read it all.
I know from past research that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops is paid (by you) to help the Cubans resettle, but I think others of the nine contractors get a cut of the federal dole to help bring Cubans to your towns.

Pockets of Resistance growing and spreading, WND tells us where (so far)

Update:  This WND story made it to Drudge today and it went through the roof!
Leo Hohmann, writing at World Net Daily last evening has another detailed article on the Refugee Admissions Program of the UN/US State Department and a report from at least three important ‘Pockets of Resistance.

AnneRichard and UNHCR
That is Anne Richard, Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration on the right. She does the bidding of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, the former Socialist President of Portugal (on the left). Together these two are changing (colonizing!) American towns one by one. Richard was formerly a Vice President at the International Rescue Committee, one of nine federal resettlement contractors. Bio: http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/biog/188212.htm

The WND article begins:

The pushback started earlier this year in South Carolina, then spread to Minnesota, Idaho, and now North Dakota.

Michigan and Ohio are also organizing against what local residents say is a sinister and sneaky federal program that almost never gets serious coverage from local media. It’s the U.S. State Department’s refugee resettlement program, which has been humming along on autopilot since Congress passed the Refugee Act of 1980, signed by President Jimmy Carter.

No longer satisfied with pat answers, residents in several states are starting to ask the hard questions. They are showing up at meetings, starting blogs and email lists, digging up information and bypassing local media to inform their friends and neighbors of what’s really going on with the refugee movement.


In conservative Twin Falls, Idaho, for instance, a group of 100 activists are going door to door informing their neighbors about how the refugee program works. Organizer Rick Martin says most people are surprised to find out that the United Nations picks most of the refugees destined for America, and that the Catholic Church, the Lutheran and Episcopal churches, along with evangelical and Jewish groups get paid by the federal government to resettle refugees in the U.S.

“When we mention that the U.N. is involved most of the time they won’t believe it, so we have to show them the articles,” Martin said.

Since, I have BIG MEAT on my mind these days and the role it plays in lobbying for cheap, legal, immigrant labor, comments by Minnesota’s Bob Enos jumped out at me:

The nine private resettlement agencies, including “charities” within the Lutheran, Catholic, Episcopalian, and evangelical churches, get federal grants to resettle the refugees, essentially acting as front groups for the government, but without the transparency and accountability that would be expected if the government did the work itself, said Bob Enos, spokesman for T-3 (Truth and Transparency in Taxation) in St. Cloud. His group is pushing for more openness in the way refugees are resettled in Minnesota.

“I think the meat packers had a lot to do with this,” Enos, a former businessman, told WND. “These are people in business whose raw materials won’t allow them to outsource overseas, so if you can’t bring the factory overseas you bring overseas to the factory.

Read it all!  It is, as usual, very thorough, and it might give you some ideas on what you can do in your ‘Pocket of Resistance (POR)’.

IKEA murders could prove to be tipping point for Sweden

Invasion of Europe news….

We told you about the horrific murder of innocent shoppers, a mother and son, in an IKEA super store here the other day.   I’ve been wondering at what point would Swedish citizens get angry, seriously angry, about Sweden’s open door immigration policy.

Sweden Eritriens
On Thursday, the younger of the two Eritrean asylum seekers was released by the court. (He is the guy under the jacket.) http://www.thelocal.se/20150814/fears-of-retribution-after-ikea-double-stabbings

Here Breitbart reports that demonstrators are taking to the streets to voice their anger at the government for allowing massive numbers of migrants from the Middle East and Africa to be spread throughout the country.
By the way, this morning the Washington Post (irresponsibly raising the Nazi specter) is beating up on German citizens who have for some time been pretty darn angry about the invasion of their country.  In Sweden they are throwing eggs and we are told in Germany that they are burning down asylum centers.
Will this level of anger at the government for allowing mass migration be in American streets one day?
Here is Breitbart on the IKEA slaughter (hat tip: Mary):

Swedish police are scrambling to defend the national immigrant population against angry natives as tensions boil over following a double murder in an IKEA superstore this week.

Although the force has proven unable to solve the rising tide of immigrant violence in multicultural melting pot city Malmö, it has jumped to declare protests against the killing illegal and shut them down. Expressing concern that the inhabitants of asylum centres “get worried when these things happen”, a police spokesman explained how they had cleared a protest.

Meeting outside the same asylum refuge where the two suspected murderers lived prior to the IKEA attack, a small group of men held banners and threw eggs. The informal protest took place as one of the men arrested at the scene of the double murder was released from prison, and his lawyer demanded compensation from the state, as his client had found the process of being arrested traumatic.

Oust the government, say protesters!

Perhaps more importantly for the major political parties, this growing pressure for change is finding release in the form of new political parties such as the Sweden Democrats. The Eurosceptic, anti-mass immigration party continues to make strides in elections despite efforts to starve them of publicity, going so far even as working to ban their political campaigns from appearing on national poster-boards.

Others are taking a more direct approach. A cross-party campaign is presently gathering followers to launch a national day of protest in September when parliament reconvenes, to call for the total resignation of the government in shame over their failure to deal with the migrant violence crisis.

In one of several articles I read on this case, I learned that in 2014, 11,500 Eritreans applied for asylum in Sweden.  That would be in addition to tens of thousands of other migrants from Iraq, Somalia, and Syria to name just a few.
See our extensive archive on Sweden here.   And, of course this post is archived in our ‘Invasion of Europe’ series.