Obama could use supposedly temporary 'humanitarian' parole to get more Syrians admitted to US

I expect this dreadful news is because the UN/US State Department (and the resettlement contractors) are hopping mad at the slow screening process for those who have been submitted for consideration as permanent refugees.  I see parole as a way around serious security screening.
By the way, the percentage of Syrians entering as refugees (so far) still stands at about 94% Muslim for those being placed all over the country.  We are not saving the Christians in any big way!

Senator Dianne Feinstein
As a leading member of the Jihad Caucus, Senator Dianne Feinstein is happy to bring California more immigrants—Syrian Muslims this time!

Here is the latest news about possible parole for Syrians, from Breitbart (hat tip: Rosemary):

The Obama administration says it may reconsider the use of parole for certain Syrian nationals in addition to its Syrian refugee resettlement effort.

In written responses to Senate Judiciary Immigration and the National Interest Subcommittee Republicans obtained by Breitbart News, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services reveal that the U.S.’s effort to resettle thousands of Syrian refugees might not be the only process it will use to bring displaced Syrians to the U.S.

“At the request of more than 70 members of Congress in 2013, USCIS considered whether to establish a parole program for Syrians in Syria but decided that establishing such a program was not warranted. However, as the situation continues to evolve and USCIS continues to engage with stakeholders, USCIS may reconsider the use of parole for certain Syrian nationals,” USCIS wrote in its response to the subcommittee’s question probing whether USCIS is considering a parole program for Syrians.

The State Department has estimated that by the end of FY 2015 the U.S. will have admitted between 1,000-2,000 Syrian refugees. Parole for Syrians, if used, would supplement the refugee resettlement effort.

Parole is an immigration benefit that is intended to be imparted on a case-by-case basis for “urgent humanitarian reasons” or “significant public benefit” for those foreigners who would otherwise be ineligible for entry. It is intended to be a temporary admission, and parolees are expected to depart the U.S. once the reasons for their parole have ended.

More here….
Remember readers that the contractors started out pushing for 12,000-15,000 for this year, and now they and the Jihad Caucus in the Senate would like to see 65,000 as Obama’s parting gift to America.

So where are we?

Fiscal year 2015 ends in just short of 8 weeks (on September 30th) and in the calendar year of 2015 we have admitted 878.  Since the first of January 2012 (the year I arbitrarily chose as the beginning of the present Syrian conflict) we have admitted 1,213 Syrian refugees.   (See Refugee Processing Center data base, here)
Of those, 1,138 practice some form of Islam giving Muslims a 94% share of the total Syrians admitted so far.  I don’t expect that percentage to change much as long as we are taking the refugees chosen for us from UN camps.
Here are the top ten states receiving mostly Muslim Syrians so far as of August 1, 2015 (go here for our previous accounting). Red number is the number resettled as of the beginning of July.

Texas (146)    (137)

California (139)    (133)

Illinois (106)   (93)

Michigan (81)   (59)

Arizona (79)    (73)

Florida (70)    (60)

Pennsylvania (65)   (65)

New Jersey (58)   (39)

Massachusetts (47)   (44)

Tied for tenth place:

Kentucky (42)   (not recorded because not in the top ten in July)

North Carolina (42)   (42)

Go here to see the 14 Senators that comprise the Jihad Caucus pushing Obama to admit more Syrians.

I really think it would be only fair if all the Syrians were sent to the home states of the fourteen, don’t you?
However, ten of the 14 are not even getting Syrians in any large numbers, but four are getting their wish and their states are in the top ten:
Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)  Yippee I’m getting Syrian Muslims!
Dick Durban (D-IL) The leader of the pack is getting his share! Dropping them in Chicago because diversity will bring strength to that city!
Ed Markey (D-MA) I wonder how many will go to Markey’s home town.
Robert Menendez (D-NJ) The guy worried about the Iranians will have some Syrian Muslims in his home state.

Lancaster, PA 'welcomes' 500 refugees a year as more family members arrive

Lancaster Co CoalitionThis is a news story from over a week ago that I’ve been meaning to post because it makes one important point among many points about when a town has become a preferred resettlement site.

The point I want to highlight is that, once a “seed” community is established the resettlement contractors, in this case Church World Service and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, will be busy bringing in the family members of the first group and ethnic enclaves will be established!

That is why as I intimated in my previous post that it is very important to learn if your town is being targeted in advance  because once your city or town is an established site it is virtually impossible to stop the growth or even control it.
Here is the gushing news account about Lancaster at Pennlive which early in the story tells us this:

Jessica Knapp
Jessica Knapp, colonizing Lancaster as director of the Lutheran Refugee Services program there. https://www.linkedin.com/pub/jessica-knapp/5b/607/963

Refugee resettlement in Pennsylvania is among the most robust in the nation with Lancaster second to only Philadelphia in resettlement numbers, said Jessica Knapp, interim coalition facilitator at the Lancaster County Refugee Coalition. More than 500 refugees resettle in Lancaster annually, she said.

Then this is what I want you to focus on (wherever you live):

Lancaster is appealing as a resettlement area for its low cost of living, employment possibilities and the city’s walkability, she added. Over time, as refugees sponsor family members over and the population grows, others may also be drawn to the area for its sizable community.

This is why we now have Minneapolis, MN and Columbus, OH as Somali enclaves, or likewise Ft. Wayne, IN for Burmese and so on. This is what the refugee industry calls ‘secondary migration.’
By the way, it was in Lancaster, PA where I first heard about ‘Pockets of Resistance’ and the Office of Refugee Resettlement hiring “Welcoming America” to head off more.
Here we have many other posts on Lancaster.

Is there a plan to resettle Somali refugees in St. Maries, Idaho? How does one find out?

St. Maries Idaho
St. Maries Chamber of Commerce: “…our quant little town.” http://stmariesidaho.org/things-to-do/

Yesterday a reader sent this:

Last night I was told that Somali Refugees are going to be placed in St. Maries, Idaho sometime in September, the person who told me swore it was from a very reliable federal government connected source. I haven’t yet confirm this but would like to get the word out that refugees are NOW coming to North Idaho.

I don’t know if it’s true or not, but decided to use the information to make several key points.
One of the first questions people ask me in interviews or when speaking somewhere is this question:  How do I find out if my town is targeted for resettlement?
The answer is you won’t find out until someone leaks the information.  The program is wrapped in secrecy by the federal government and its contractors (aka Volags).
Those leaking the information may be employees of the local health department or the local school board which as “stakeholders” may get a little heads-up (we are talking weeks or a couple of months, certainly not a year).
Elected officials who may be seen as “welcoming” might also have a little warning.   And, sometimes the leakers are affiliated with some of the left-leaning churches in town where church leaders are too excited by what they see as their good fortune to stay quiet.
By law the contractors and their handlers at the state level (Jannus Inc. in Idaho) are required to “consult” with the community, but that really only means they consult with those they see as friendlies.

If you are wondering about your town, start asking around!

Also, one indicator about whether your town could be targeted is if some large industry is nearby, or planning to move to the area. Look especially for meat packing plants.  And, in Twin Falls, Idaho the Chobani yogurt plant most likely was looking for refugee laborers.  The ‘non-profit’ contractors work closely with local industries to supply big businesses with cheap immigrant workers.
You might want to ask people involved with the local Chamber of Commerce if they know of any plans!  The Chamber at the national level is outright in support of Open Borders and amnesty.

Why might there be some truth to this rumor? Why might a town like St. Maries be a target?

The proximity of a town to an already existing resettlement site is one good indicator.  The State Dept. informed me once that a 100-mile radius to an existing resettlement office would make the site fair game.  St. Maries is not near the main resettlement hubs in Idaho—Boise and Twin Falls which have received the bulk of the 6,000 plus refugees that Idaho has received since the beginning of Obama’s term in office.***
However, St. Maries is about 50 miles from the World Relief office in Spokane, Washington!  Contractors are getting desperate to find new and fresh territory as some existing sites are experiencing ‘resistance.’   Twin Falls is an important ‘Pocket of Resistance’ now so it would be no surprise for Idaho to “welcome” refugees further north.
If World Relief in Spokane is involved in placing refugees in Idaho soon, then they know right now that it could happen because they are in the process of preparing their R & P Abstract for the feds as the new fiscal year is fast approaching on October 1.  It should be legally required that those Abstracts be available to the public in advance of new resettlements!
Go here to the list of existing resettlement contractors and see if one is located near you.

I would like to appeal to all of you to send me any rumors you might hear about refugees being resettled in a town near you.

I’ll post the information, even if we have no firm information to go on.  We have a category I haven’t used much here, called ‘Rumors’ and what you hear will be cataloged there.  We would rather run down the rumors than to completely miss getting the news out about a prospective  new resettlement site.  Once a site is up and running they are hard to stop especially as the contractor will begin bringing in the relatives and if you object you will be chastised for wanting to interfere with family reunification.
This post is also archived in our new ‘Pockets of Resistance’ category for all of you wishing to learn more about what is happening around the country.
*** Idaho has received 6,158 refugees since January 2009 when Obama took office (data here).  The majority of those went to Boise and Twin Falls.  Although they received many more smaller numbers of certain ethnic groups the largest numbers came from Bhutan (1,159), Burma (1,223), Iraq (1,101), DR Congo (753), Somalia (625), Afghanistan (203), Sudan (194), Iran (157), and Uzbekistan (77).  Idaho has also gotten several of the first group of Syrians (23).
One of those Uzbeks is on trial on terrorism charges, here.  By the way, look at this, were they expecting trouble surrounding the trial?

Rainbow Nation news from PBS: Black South Africans continue persecution of other black Africans

Well at least someone in the US media is talking about it!  South Africa the highly touted welcoming “Rainbow Nation” is once again seeing serious violence erupt as South African citizens (the black ones!) are trying to push out the migrants (the black ones!) coming in from troubled nations across the continent.
The media must label it ‘xenophobia’ because the word ‘racism’ does not apply.  And, besides everyone knows that blacks cannot be racist, right!

Barack and Michelle Obama mourning the man who is responsible for the South Africa we see today. At Nelson Mandela’s funeral in 2013. http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/national_world/2013/12/11/selfie-gate-michelle-obama-upset-at-husbands-behavior.html

Here is the story at the PBS Newshour. Check it out for yourself.  See the “xenophobic” violence. It isn’t just me pointing it out (although my language is a bit clearer!).
Can you blame the foreigners who heard about all the rights anyone in South Africa is entitled to under the Constitution that Nelson Mandela’s political party said were theirs—the right to a home, food, health care, education, work, blah, blah, blah.
In fact, remember that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg famously said she liked the South African Constitution better than ours!
The migrants came for what they heard South Africa had promised!
Ask yourself, is South Africa better off today governed by the communists of the African National Congress?

The ANC`s key objective is the creation of a united, non-racial, non-sexist and democratic society.

This means the liberation of Africans in particular and black people in general from political and economic bondage. It means uplifting the quality of life of all South Africans, especially the poor.

So to American readers!

If you think South Africa’s problems are not yours, think again.   So far this year we have taken 621 REFUGEES from South Africa which is supposed to be a safe nation offering asylum to those who get there.  I’m guessing that a large number will be Somalis and that not one is white.
We have followed the violence in the mythical “Rainbow Nation” for years, see our complete archive here.