Update: US Syrian refugee resettlement numbers pass the 1,000 mark, disbursed to 36 states, 94% are Muslims

Using US State Department data beginning early in the Syrian conflict (January 2012) and right up until yesterday (July 8, 2015) here is where we stand.
Remember that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has over 2,000 in a pipeline for us for before the end of the fiscal year (September 30, 2015), but the unsatisfied federal contractors wanting more paying clients to resettle and the Senate Jihad Caucus want the US to take in and distribute 65,000 before Obama leaves office.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, one of 14 members of the Senate Jihad Caucus which wrote to Barack Obama asking him to bring in 65,000 mostly Muslim Syrian refugees by the time Obama leaves office. I wonder do union workers understand that these refugees will be competing for their jobs? So far, Ohio has resettled 27 Syrians.

I see from my previous update in late May that the percentage of Muslims chosen for us by the UNHCR has now risen from 92% to 94%!
And, this was a big surprise—the total number of Christians (42) and Catholics(1) admitted has not increased in the last 6 and 1/2 weeks.  Most of the increase is in the Sunni Muslim numbers.   And, for those who asked during my briefing yesterday, there is still only 1 Yazidi admitted.
So here is what we know:

The total number of Syrians admitted as refugees since January 1, 2012 is 1,098.

Of those,  973 are Sunni Muslims, 8 Shiites and 49 who characterize themselves as simply “Moslem”.

There were, as mentioned above 42 Christians, 1 Catholic and 1 Yazidi and a few other religious groups (or no religion) as well.

So, looks like the average number is now 94% Muslim.

And here are the Top Ten states that “welcomed” Syrians.  36 states got at least 1 Syrian.
You can expect this trend to continue.  The states that changed their ranking the most in the last 6 weeks were Massachusetts which was not in the top ten at all and Florida which was 9th and has moved up to 6th place as of yesterday.

1)  Texas (137)  Texas got 12% of the Syrians.  Imagine if the US brings in 65,000. 12% to Texas would be 7,800! Guess they would need a lot of HUD housing!

2)  California (133)

3)  Illinois (93)

4)  Arizona (73)

5)  Pennsylvania (65)

6)  Florida (60)

7)  Michigan (59)

8)  Massachusetts (44)

9)  North Carolina (42)

10)  New Jersey (39)

One final thing.  I had previously speculated that since Minnesota was in extreme refugee overload that maybe the US State Department wouldn’t send any Syrians to Minnesota, but I see I was wrong.  They recently sent 7 to Rochester, MN.

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