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Tomorrow morning at just after 9:30 a.m. Eastern you can listen to my live interview with Bob Frantz at The Bob Frantz Authority 1420 AM.  I’ll be talking about how ‘Welcoming America’ has targeted Cleveland (and really all of Ohio) as a prime refugee resettlement site as well as other news about how the Obama Administration is changing America by changing the people!
As time goes on, I’ll try to be better about letting you know about interviews in advance.

Trump speaks out on Syrian refugees: we aren't saving Christians, just the Muslims

Donald Trump
We are saving the Syrian Muslims and not the Christians!

Thanks to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit for spotting a brief mention by Presidential candidate Donald Trump in Las Vegas on Saturday.  Go to Gateway Pundit for the story and the video clip.
Trump is almost right. It isn’t zero Christians, but it’s pretty close to zero.  Although we have admitted a small handful of Syrian Christian refugees, the vast majority are Muslims and mostly Sunni Muslims as we reported here recently96% of the small number admitted so far in 2015 are Muslims.

But, don’t forget!

Led by the Senate Jihad Caucus, the push is on to admit 65,000 Syrians before Obama leaves office and the vast majority of those will be plucked from UN camps populated by mostly Syrian Sunni Muslims.

Europe's Great Migration Crisis

gatestone-logoThat is the title of a round-up of sorts by Soeren Kern at the Gatestone Institute yesterday.
My inbox is filled every morning with stories from around Europe about the ongoing invasion by mostly Muslim migrants arriving on the Continent from North Africa and from throughout the Middle East.
I call our series on the crisis—the Invasion of Europe.’  I tell people wherever I speak that Col. Gaddafi was right.  Europe will be conquered and overrun with migrants and not with guns and swords.
Scratching my head this morning about how I could possibly pull the many stories into one post when I was relieved to see that the Gatestone Institute has already done the work.
Please read it here!
Not in the round-up is the latest from Poland.  After refusing to admit Syrian Muslims, they are resettling a small number of Syrian Christians.
If you love Europe (Western Civilization!) and plan to visit sometime in your lifetime, go now. I’ll be going in late August.

News from Spartanburg, SC, a "Pocket of Resistance"

This is one more in our new series of posts on what concerned citizens are doing to resist the colonization of their towns and cities by the UN/US State Department using impoverished third worlders (all part of the Obama Administration plan to “seed” your community with ethnic and economic diversity).
We will be bringing to you as many of these stories as we can so that you may find inspiration and support for what you are doing in your state.

UNITED STATES - JANUARY 23:  Candidate Christina Jeffrey, R-S.C., is photographed on the House Steps, January 23, 2009.  (Photo By Tom Williams/Roll Call/Getty Images)
Dr. Christina Jeffrey

For new readers, Spartanburg, SC residents learned in early spring that their town was targeted by one of the nine major federal contractors, in this case World Relief (Evangelicals), to begin receiving refugees this fiscal year (FY 2015 ends Sept. 30, 2015).  To catch up, go here to our first post (with updates).
Rep. Trey Gowdy represents the district and is Chairman of the all-important House Judiciary, Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security.  Gowdy should have called for hearings on the program weeks ago!

Get the facts!

Sounds boring, but one of the first steps for those of you questioning a new resettlement site or an existing one is to gather your facts and get those facts to the general public. 
The US Refugee Admissions Program, as we have chronicled for the last 8 years, is largely a secretive program.  Why? Because once taxpaying citizens understand how it works and what it costs, they usually reject the whole scheme.
So here is Dr. Christina Jeffrey announcing the release of a document and fact sheet that she and her group have prepared for South Carolina citizens (really all of you across the country).  Emphasis is mine:

One of the biggest threats today to U.S. sovereignty is mass immigration. While we were focused on illegal immigration, massive legal immigration was increasing wildly under the radar. I was not aware of the huge pressure being brought to bear by various programs that have been bringing in tens of thousands of immigrants/permanent residents every year.

This year, Spartanburg was chosen to be the one hundred and ninety-first “welcoming city.” I had to do some homework to find out what that meant.

I learned that our new neighbors were being selected for us by a program called Refugee Resettlement, one of the largest legal immigration programs. It is run by the State Department in cooperation with the United Nations. To give you a quick overview of the program, I have prepared a 10 point fact sheet.

The fact sheet is a good place to start, but not enough. Some friends and neighbors, good writers and researchers, came together to research and write about the Refugee Resettlement Program. The material is carefully sourced with live links that should allow you to instantly read primary documents like the President’s April 15 report on “Welcoming New Americans.”

We call our local “pocket of resistance,” The Shoemaker Guild.

This report will enable you to approach your elected officials with good, “take it to the bank” information. Please feel free to share widely.

God bless you and God bless America.

Refugee Resettlement Program Fact Sheet [PDF]
Spartanburg Refugee Resettlement Program [PDF]

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Comment from refugee insider: it is all about the money as US refugee program imports Muslims

Yesterday one of our readers, Paul, bothered to read some of the over 1,000 comments at our Youtube video (here if you have never seen it) and found this one from a man named Jim Delaney who posted it a month ago.

First UN-chosen Syrian Muslims arriving in Kentucky being resettled by ‘church’ group and being helped by questionable Islamic charity.

Here is what Mr. Delaney had to say.  (I’ve broken the text into smaller paragraphs and the emphasis is mine.)

What this woman says is terribly true. Until my retirement 13 years ago, I was in charge of resettling thousands of refugees in a northeastern state. And I was damned good at it. When I began resettling refugees in the early 80’s, the vast majority were non-Muslim, primarily Vietnamese.

Program money was scarce and we heavily relied upon church groups and humanitarian zeal to get the job done. It was personally rewarding work for us all.

Toward the end of my experience nearly 22 years later, the number of Muslim refugees began to skyrocket. They were a particularly difficult group with which to deal and acculturation was always a critical problem. It was often difficult to find willing resettlement partners in the community once the Muslim resettlement experience got out.

At this point, I lost faith in the correctness, morality and goodness of the resettlement effort and resigned as soon as I could. We must understand that gov’t-funded church, organizations throughout the US have a huge financial stake in the resettlement of refugees. It’s come to the point where it matters not a whit whether or not the refugees have been properly vetted or are potential Islamists.

What is of paramount/overriding importance now to resettlement agency staff is their ability to pay their mortgages and car loans.

It’s become a competitive business, plain and simple. Quite simply, the number of refugees resettled translates into program dollars and each agency vies for a bigger share of refugees numbers. No higher purpose than that, I’m afraid. While I don’t regret the work I did–and I DO mean hard work–as said, I wouldn’t want anything to do with refugee resettlement now. It’s become self-serving, subversive and destructive. Just needed to get that off my chest.

Thank you, Mr. Delaney!  Are there more of you working (or recently retired) in the refugee industry who would like to get this off your chests?  I suspect so! Send us a comment, we don’t need to know who you are.

I guess that says it all.  Can I retire now?  Just kidding!  Please send this to everyone you know!