RRW weekly roundup for week ending July 11, 2015

Perhaps the most interesting thing (to me anyway) that we reported this past week was yesterday’s post on “Pockets of Resistance.”
However, we’ll see if it turns up in the Top Three Posts next week.
In the meantime, here are the Top most-viewed posts this past week.   Top daily posts are in the right hand sidebar.

1)  Aljazeera article about Temporary Protected Status for Syrians tips us off—thousands of Syrians in US illegally

2) St. Cloud residents hammer Rep. Emmer on Refugee Program; Somali teen murders African American

3)  African population booming in Minnesota; sending millions of dollars back to Africa

Also, much to my surprise, my introductory Youtube video is now over 700,000 views, help it reach 1 million!

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Germany (Germans must be worried and they probably can’t talk about their worries as freely as we can)






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'Welcoming America Watch' is on the case, example of what citizens are doing to fight back

Welcoming America, the Leftwing community organizing group which the Office of Refugee Resettlement hired, here, with your money seems to be targeting the Midwest and especially Ohio (see Welcoming America targets Cleveland) with its propaganda about how refugees and immigrants will save the economy.  On Thursday they held a pow-wow in Dayton reported in a post entitled, ‘Rust Belt Cities Embrace Immigrants as Key to Future.’

Agenda to Erase America: James Simpson goes into greater detail about Welcoming America in his recently published book.

I looked at all the information at their website, here, on the ‘Convening Dayton’ meeting and their ‘WE Global Network’ and realized I don’t have enough hours in the day to dissect it all and report on it.  So, I was relieved to see that the new blog ‘Welcoming America Watch—Midwest‘ is on the case.  See post here.  And don’t miss this one.

I sure wish one of those Washington, DC immigration control groups would do economic studies that counter this propaganda that immigrants and refugees will bring economic life back to impoverished cities.

I believe the No Borders advocates’ glowing numbers would prove to be bogus if smart economic minds added in the cost of welfare, the costs in local education budgets, health department budgets, the costs to taxpayers of the criminal justice system, and last but not least, the costs to the American economy of the remittance dollars that leave the country permanently.
‘Welcoming America Watch–Midwest’ is a prime example of the ‘resistance’ movement we discussed, here, yesterday where the blogger is a concerned citizen just like you and me!
For more on ‘Welcoming America,’ be sure to see James Simpson’s book, ‘The Red-Green Axis, Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America’, in which he goes into more depth about ‘Welcoming America’s’ plans to “seed” towns and cities with migrants (who will of course vote for Democrats!).
This post is archived in our new Pockets of Resistance’ category.
I’m going to nag you—resistance fighters—to death!   You must publish your local research.  Any documents you find (or produce), any meetings of the opposition (or local government meetings) that you attend, any local news articles that must get out to a wider audience, must be posted preferably at a website or blog.  Facebook is o.k. but your work can’t be easily retrieved a year from now.
You are investigative reporters and you must build your numbers by reaching and educating more Americans where you live.  I love all the research that is going on around the country, but I can’t possibly process it all!
Knowledge is power!
The other side (working on colonizing your towns and cities) does everything it can to keep what they are doing secret! They hate it when you know what they are up to!  But, that knowledge has to go beyond just you, or it is wasted!

Syrian Christians fear Muslim-populated United Nations camps

When I give presentations on our Refugee Admissions Program, I am asked all the time if we are taking Syrian Christians in our refugee flow and I tell people—very few!

UNHCR camps house mostly Muslim Syrians as Christians are too afraid to go there. In 2015, 96% of the Syrian refugees entering the US are Sunni Muslims. Photo from The Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/jul/30/syria-aleppo-fight-continues-live


I had heard anecdotally that Christians fear the Muslims in the United Nations camps.

Last week Leo Hohmann writing at World Net Daily confirms our suspicions in an article entitled, ‘Obama response to Christian killing fields ‘horrifying’.
Quoting  George Marlin, author of a  new book, “Christian Persecutions in the Middle East: A 21st Century Tragedy,” Hohmann tells us this (emphasis mine):

As of December 2014, 600,000 Syrian Christians had fled their country or have been internally displaced, Marlin reports. In Aleppo, more than 65 percent have been forced to leave.

He told WND most Syrian Christians will not go to the United Nations refugee camps for two reasons. First, they are afraid they will be harmed and, second, they do not want to leave their country. [Hohmann previously reported that Assad had protected the Christians.—ed]

“The Christians are afraid to go to those camps, because the camps are basically populated by Muslims, and they’re afraid of retaliation and harm in these camps,” Marlin said. “So what is happening with the Christian refugees is the Christian community is basically taking care of these people, they’re staying in the churches, they’re staying in Christian homes, and we at Aid to the Church in Need are trying to get aid to the churches that are housing them.”

So every time you see a Syrian camp photo, or see that one of our resettlement contractors is over there helping in the UN camps, or you see Angelina Jolie visiting a Syrian camp, remember they are helping mostly Muslims.

What do the numbers look like?

Just a few days ago, I reported that the refugees now numbering over 1,000 who have been admitted to the US since 2012 are 94% Muslim.  After reading this WND article I went back to check the data base for just the Syrians admitted to the US in 2015.  What did I find?  The number of Muslims admitted is even greater when only 2015 is analyzed!
In 2015 we admitted 763 Syrians so far.  Of that number only 23 are Christians, 36 say they are simply Muslim and another 698 are Sunni Muslims.

So 96% of those arriving in US towns and cities are Syrian Muslims (mostly Sunni Muslims).

That means that US resettlement contractors including the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, World Relief, Church World Service, Episcopal Migration Ministries and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society are placing mostly Sunni Muslims (chosen by the UN) in your towns!   And, you pay for it!
The Jihad Caucus is aptly named!
Fourteen US Senators have asked Obama to admit 65,000 Syrians before his term in office ends.  We call them the Jihad Caucus because they are advocating for more Muslim refugees to be admitted to the US.