Irish Bishop: Ireland needs to step up and take in Mediterranean migrants

Controversial Irish Bishop: bring in the Muslim refugees. See 2012 pedophilia controversy in this article.

Invasion of Europe news….

Update July 7:  Ireland now says it might admit 600 Mediterranean illegal migrants, here.
Yesterday, we learned that Poland is hanging tough and not bending to EU and United Nations pressure to take in the mostly Muslim invaders coming across the Mediterranean from North Africa.   But, it looks like Ireland is caving in…
From the Independent:

The Catholic Church has called on the Government to “open our doors” to more migrants from the Mediterranean.

The comments from Bishop John Kirby come as Defence Minister Simon Coveney said that other EU countries should take responsibility for their fair share of the response to the refugee crisis.

Mr Coveney’s said that Ireland will consider accepting the settlement of more than the 300 refugees already agreed if formally requested to do so by the EU.

He will travel to Malta on Monday to discuss the refugee crisis with officials in Valletta before meeting the 69-strong crew of the Naval Service vessel, LÉ Eithne, which has saved 3,000 refugees off the north African coast since May.

There is more, here.

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P.S. The “Pockets of Resistance” are growing.  If you would like to be linked with like-minded activists concerned about refugee resettlement and other legal and illegal immigration that threatens our security, please send your contact information to the Center for Security Policy, see here.

Happy 4th of July! And, RRW review for the month of June 2015

I was away most of last week and so our usual weekly round-up just didn’t happen.  Instead I thought I would let you know how we did in June especially as the month marked our 8th year posting on problems with refugee resettlement here and around the world.

Readership is booming!

Celebrate America and enjoy the day with family and friends!

Although June wasn’t our biggest month ever (May was), one thing worth noting is that as of the end of June (6 months into the year) we had more readers so far in 2015 than in the whole of 2014.
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Top Three Posts for the month of June:

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1. The number one resettlement state in America is Texas (primer part I)

2. Dead Somali ISIS fighter had ties to Lewiston, Maine

3. Idaho: Get ready for Somali refugees as county approves huge meatpacking plant near Boise

Top Ten Countries from which we received readers in June 2015:


Germany (surprised to see Germany push Australia out of the top three)





European Union (this is a relatively new listing and I don’t know why the EU is listed when individual European countries are as well)

South Africa

New Zealand


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