Montana response to refugee plan includes dire warning

Last week we told you that a group in Montana was proposing that the state begin to resettle refugees in significant numbers.  The only state that has no refugee program at all is Wyoming, but over the years Montana has resettled a handful (LOL! sort of like refugee advocate Joe Biden’s Delaware).  However, that could all change as writer Stephen Maly suggested in an opinion piece in Helena’s Independent Record.
Now comes a response by Montana resident Paul Nachman*** which I’m posting here for several reasons.  First, his excellent piece could be a model for others working in ‘pockets of resistance’ and it’s a reminder to use the local media as much as possible (not everyone is on the internet!).  Secondly, he makes some very good points in a thoughtful way, and last but not least, he raises a specter of something more and more experts are beginning to notice—in the coming years we will have a glut of low-skilled workers and no jobs.  So what then will happen to all of the third world immigrants we have imported ostensibly to do the jobs Americans won’t do?  Nachman asks that question.

After you read the whole essay, you might want to send a letter or comment to the paper yourself.  Help Montanans decide if they should “change” the character of their state by “welcoming” refugees from places like Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

From the Independent Record:

Stephen Maly’s op-ed “Exploring the possibility of welcoming Syrian refugees to Helena” (June 25) is heartfelt. But it’s also a nonstarter because most of what Mr. Maly wrote has negligible overlap with the current realities of refugee resettlement in the United States.

These realities usually startle people new to the subject. One pictures carefully selected refugees shepherded to new lives in America by doting non-governmental organizations rooted in religion (e.g. Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service) or civic concern (e.g. International Rescue Committee). Surely such groups assist their charges in finding housing and employment and in assimilating to American life, while also providing financial support until “their” refugees attain self-sufficiency? And surely they fund this support and the salaries of their professional resettlement workers using contributions gathered by “passing the plate” in their churches or by attracting private philanthropy?

Well, no. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees does the selecting, pressing their selectees on national bureaucracies such as the U.S. State Department. In turn, the State Department — working with LIRS, IRC and seven other NGOs — identifies American cities and towns for concentrated resettlement of the refugees, typically paying minimal attention to the capabilities and resources of these receiving communities. Indeed, the communities often learn about their new arrivals after the fact.

The sponsoring NGOs’ refugee work is funded almost entirely by the federal taxpayer, not from resources they’re raised themselves, so they’re best viewed as federal contractors. And the contractors’ obligations to any particular refugees end after a few months, no matter how inadequately their charges have assimilated during that brief span.

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Now this is the part that I found alarming because I have been hearing this warning from several sources lately.

Mr. Maly’s worry about systemic worker shortages is probably misplaced, anyway. The cover story in the July/August Atlantic is “A World Without Work.” Author Derek Thompson argues that galloping computer-driven automation is en route to destroying, on net, tens of millions of American jobs. If so, the issue for our society will be the distribution of sustenance to those forced out of the workforce, without engendering the resentment of those still working. We certainly won’t need to import workers from abroad.

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***Paul Nachman ( is a retired physicist and a founding member of Montanans for Immigration Law Enforcement ( He also volunteers in a research group at MSU in Bozeman.

Please send a comment to the Independent Record especially if you have information about how the refugee program is problematic where you live.
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Renewed warning that ISIS plans to infiltrate 'refugee' flow to Europe

This is not new, but just this week an EU agency is warning (again!) that the invasion of Europe could include ISIS terrorists among the illegal aliens arriving in Europe from North Africa (thanks to Hillary and the girls, here).

Michele Coninsx is the EU’s chief crime and terror fighter.

From Israel National News:

ISIS members could infiltrate Europe together with masses of refugees from Libya, Syria, and Iraq – ironically fleeing ISIS terror in their homelands, said Michele Coninsx, head of the EU’s judicial cooperation agency Eurojust.

Speaking Monday in Brussels, Coninsx told reporters that the EU was working together with other countries to prevent the migration of ISIS terrorists. She declined to specify exactly what steps were being taken.

A video released last week by ISIS in Libya and published by the Arabic-language Asharq al-Awsat shows the two perpetrators of a deadly attack on the Corinthia Hotel in January threatening that ISIS’s newly-established presence in the country would be used as a springboard to invade Europe.

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California No Borders activists call Illegal aliens "refugees" in Napa Valley; want Pelosi to send federal cash

Editor:  Subscribers might have just gotten this post in early draft form since my computer is giving me fits this morning! Sorry about that!
This little story in the Napa Valley Register (St. Helena Star) caught my eye since I was just in the beautiful Napa Valley last week.

LOL! Check out this story at Top Right News:

This is what the No Borders Left and their friends in the Catholic Church are trying to do everywhere—-re-classify illegal aliens by calling them “refugees.”
The word “refugee” has a very important distinction that activists like the Jesuit priest and his friends in this story want to erase and that is that a legitimate refugee must be able to prove that he/she is being personally persecuted for one of several reasons including race, religion, or political view and is thus in danger if returned to their home country.  This might seem like a little point to make, but believe me it is a big deal issue for the Left.
Illegal workers in Napa Valley are economic migrants, not refugees.  But, the Left (the Religious Left too) sure would like them designated as refugees so that they will be eligible for all forms of social services and will be given permission to work and eventually to vote here.
From the Napa Valley Register (St. Helena Star) (emphasis is mine):

According to the UN High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR), 51 million men, women, and children have been displaced from their homes due to famine, disease, or economic hardship.

Some of those are in the Napa Valley.

St. Helenans Martin and Rita Bennett invited Father Peter Balleis of the Jesuit Refugee Service to St. Helena on World Refugee Day, June 20, to speak to small groups of people.

Martin Bennett said his focus has become one of advocacy for those who are displaced, the so-called “illegals,” undocumented migrants who come looking for work in the restaurants and the vineyard fields. “The Napa Valley is unparalleled in its generosity to causes,” he said. “But these refugees are here, in the valley, seeking employment.”  [Again, they are NOT refugees.—ed]

And even though they are not necessarily visible or perceived as refugees, he said, their plight needs to be addressed. “We can go where they are, find out what they need, and try to help,” he said. “And we can write letters to the State Department, to Nancy Pelosi, and to Mike Thompson, to encourage them to increase the budget for addressing the issues of refugees.”

I wondered if Pelosi ‘welcomes refugees’ to her California vineyard and found this 2014 story and photo.