Australia: Violent riots erupt between anti-Islam nationalists and anti-racism activists

Coming to a town near you?
Reuters has the story here:

MELBOURNE (Reuters) – Several hundred Australian nationalists and anti-racism activists clashed with police in Melbourne on Saturday in a rare display of violence in a country where immigration is an increasingly emotive political issue.


Fear of young Australian Muslims being inspired by militants such as Islamic State and traveling to fight in Iraq and Syria has underpinned support for right-wing groups like Reclaim Australia and the United Patriots Front.

“The message is very clear: you come here, embrace our way of life,” Daniel Nalliah, National President of the Rise Up Australia Party and Reclaim Australia rally organizer told the crowd.

“If you think where you come from is better than where you are coming to, shut up, pack up and get out.”

About 450 police were on hand following violent clashes at a similar rally earlier this year and used pepper spray as they struggled to keep the two sides apart.

The written report doesn’t tell the whole story.  See the films of the violent demonstrations to get a better understanding of the tension over immigration down under.  Here are just two of many:

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Caspar Star Tribune: Republican Governor wants to bring Third World refugees to Wyoming!

Matt Mead
Gov. Matt Mead wants to diversify the Cowboy state by bringing in poverty!

….or else he would let this idea go after the blowback he got last year!
So, here we go again!
Leftwing newspapers in places like Wyoming don’t know what the h*** they are talking about as they editorialize in favor of refugee resettlement by the UN/US State Department by saying they only want the facts to be known.
Sure, but only the facts that support their wish to bring in the third world and put them on welfare in Wyoming. Right?
They even admit here in the editorial at the Caspar Star Tribune on Friday that there aren’t enough low-paying jobs!

As I said here recently, I want Mead to tell his citizens why he is so hell-bent on inviting the federal government to Wyoming to begin changing the people.

Caspar Star Tribune:

It’s time for action on refugees.

Gov. Matt Mead wants a realistic, fact-based discussion on whether Wyoming should have a resettlement program. Of the 50 states, we’re the only one that doesn’t have such an initiative.

What we do have now, regardless of a program, is a refugee population. They are already here. They have come to Wyoming looking for sanctuary and a fresh beginning, and we should do what we can to help. They want to be part of life in the Cowboy State.

Are we the most ideal state for resettlement? Probably not. For instance, Wyoming doesn’t have many city bus systems or entry-level jobs, both of which are often needed by new arrivals from war-torn regions. Our small, rural population is an obstacle as well. We probably wouldn’t see a high proportion of refugees. Does that mean we shouldn’t have a program that could help people who need it? Of course it doesn’t.

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I’ll be watching to see how they propose to get the “facts” out and who they invite to Wyoming to provide those “facts.”

We have an extensive archive on Republican Governor Matt Mead’s quest to make Wyoming the 50th state to “welcome” refugees from Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Burma, Uzbekistan, DR Congo and Afghanistan (and that is a short list!).


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2) Trump speaks out on Syrian refugees: we aren’t saving Christians, just the Muslims

3) Comment from refugee insider: it is all about the money as US refugee program imports Muslims

I’m happy to report that my first Youtube video is now above 742,000 views as we try to reach the 1 million mark!  The second one may be even more important to send around because if we get 65,000 Syrian mostly Muslim refugees before Obama leaves office it will be disastrous for hundreds of US towns and cities.
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How did Chattanooga shooter's family get here?

I haven’t seen anyone find the definitive answer yet. Have you?
Andy McCarthy, here, further elaborates on their ‘Palestinian’ origins, and tells us the family came when Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez was an infant.  He was born in 1990.

Abdulazeez family
The apparently not-so-happy Abdulazeez family.

We take very few ‘Palestinian’ refugees (I’ve remarked many times that the Palestinian problem is never solved by the UN because they need to continue the thorn in Israel’s side, but that is a story for another day).
I hate to speculate, but will anyway.  There is a chance that this family was very likely among those being expelled from Kuwait (to Jordan) at the time of the first Gulf War.  The father is reportedly a Palestinian who could very well have been a successful asylum seeker just as had been the father of the Tsarnaev Boston Bomber family.  In the Tsarnaev case the father got into the US on his own and then asked for asylum.  Once granted political refugee status he then brought the rest of the family over.

By the way, we wouldn’t be speculating if the US State Department and its resettlement agencies in Tennessee would talk!

ORR Annual reports to Congress hold much information

I went back to the Office of Refugee Resettlement Annual Reports to Congress to see what we were doing in the early 1990’s in Jordan and Kuwait.  For those of you doing research, these are a treasure-trove of information.
In the first half of the 1990’s we took no refugees from either Kuwait or Jordan, however, much to my surprise the reports in the early 1990’s included the nationalities of successful asylum seekers.  Unfortunately by the 1995 report this feature was dropped from subsequent reports.
Go here to the Annual Report for 1994 and see Table 14 on Page A-24.
From 1990-1994 we accepted 85 asylum seekers from Kuwait and 66 from Jordan.  Could this be how the Abdulazeez family gained legal immigrant status in the US?
Again, we don’t know yet, or at least I haven’t seen reports yet on how exactly this family gained access to a legal life in Tennessee, but, this gave me an opportunity to mention the Annual Reports to all of you concerned activist citizens who are researching what has been done to your states.
Completely changing the subject….I was interested to see (in that same 1994 report) a table on the distribution of ‘unaccompanied minors’ that year.  We distributed 8,416 of those ‘unaccompanied minors’ to your towns as early as 1994.