RRW Weekly Roundup for week ending July 18, 2015

From the editor (from Ann):  it occurs to me that new readers coming to RRW may not know that Refugee Resettlement Watch is a blog and not an organization with staff!  I say this because I get so many requests from people to speak around the country, to speak on radio shows and conference calls, to read reports, news articles and documents, to help people find other activists, etc. as if I had staff here to help me stay organized.  I don’t!  
I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for the interest, but it is just me here!  I know I should be glad the issue is finally becoming a serious national issue, but I can’t answer everyone’s requests and still get the news out!
And, I especially don’t want to look rude by not responding to my hundreds of e-mails every day! 
I think we will have some reinforcements on the way soon, and I will definitely be the first to tell you when they have arrived.  In the meantime, please don’t take it personally if I miss your requests! 
By the way, the radio interview requests are probably the most productive and least time-consuming, and I try to do those as much as possible!  It is a way to reach many many people without having to get on a plane!
Sincerest thanks for your continued concern for this critical issue at this pivotal point in US history (world history!).
Here then are the Top Three Posts of the week (daily Top Posts are in the right hand side bar):

1) “Pockets of Resistance” growing and spreading

2) Trump speaks out on Syrian refugees: we aren’t saving Christians, just the Muslims

3) Comment from refugee insider: it is all about the money as US refugee program imports Muslims

I’m happy to report that my first Youtube video is now above 742,000 views as we try to reach the 1 million mark!  The second one may be even more important to send around because if we get 65,000 Syrian mostly Muslim refugees before Obama leaves office it will be disastrous for hundreds of US towns and cities.
The Top Ten Countries from which readers arrived this week are here in descending order (excluding the US):





South Africa



New Zealand


Turkey  (this may be the first time Turkey is in the top ten)

For New Readers
For those of you who subscribe, I try not to write too many posts a day (sometimes I don’t have the time to write many!), so as not to overload your e-mail inbox (e-mails are automatically generated by wordpress).  However, with everything happening now, I might be at least trying to get more news out.  If it is too much, then simply unsubscribe and visit here every day to see what is new.  Or, better still, follow me on twitter where I am tweeting all of my RRW posts as well as other articles that interest me and are related to the topic.
Go here to last week’s roundup for more information and background about RRW and how to find information among our over 6,500 posts.

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