Refugees by the numbers: Last year's list, but still useful

Update: Reader Jim sent us corrections to the table.  LOL! must have been originally typed up by a government intern:
1. There is no Tampa, Alaska, it should be FL
2. Atlanta should be GA
3. Savannah should be GA
Haven’t had time to write today (except for this morning at American Resistance 2016! ) so was pleased to see this short news story (hat tip: Jim) so that I could put something up and not break my posting streak here at RRW.  Only problem is that this writer at the US Herald says this is the list for right now, but FY2015 ended on September 30, 2015.
If you find a list like this for FY2016 you win a prize! (not really, but we will all love you for it!)
(Just resettled refugees below, does not include successful asylum seekers, unaccompanied alien children, or any other legal immigrants coming under the care of the US taxpayer.)
fy2015 r & p list
Obama is aiming for 85,000 for the present fiscal year (2016).
If your city is listed above expect numbers to be even higher this year. If your city is not on the list, it does not mean you are off the hook because the scramble is on to find more ‘welcoming’ towns and cities.
This post is filed in two important categories here at RRW:  Where to find information and Refugee Statistics.

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