The kids at William and Mary pushing ahead with refugee resolution

See our earlier post on efforts by students (whose residence is elsewhere) campaigning to get Syrian Muslim (98% of those we are admitting are Muslim) refugees placed in the historic town of Williamsburg, VA.

Sam and friends: Colonial Williamsburg needs some diversity and Syrian Muslims should do the trick! Got mosque yet?

They held a community forum this past week (30 or so attended according to news reports) and said they planned to push ahead in Williamsburg and around the state with their resolution idea.
This is the latest at The Virginia Gazette (emphasis mine):

There are no Syrian refugees in Williamsburg, but there could be soon. Students at William and Mary want to let refugees know they’re welcome here, if the state sees fit.

Speaking at a forum on Tuesday evening, students said the rationale for passing a resolution through city council is making sure refugees understand that they’ll enter a community that hopes to support them.

A resolution does not guarantee Williamsburg will take in any refugees — the federal government lets non-governmental organizations gauge where refugees might best fit.

Those organizations factor in aspects like the availability of open housing and the presence of an immigrant community.  [Remember this  last bit, once you have an immigrant seed community started then you are likely to get even more!—ed]


[Sam] Steed*** said Newport News actually voted to keep its 51 refugees out of the city, but the government placed them there anyway. [Important to note: elected body did not want refugees resettled in Newport News but shoved down their throats anyway!—ed]

“Certainly, a lot of refugees feel unwelcome (in Newport News),” Steed said.

Other places have to make it clear that they will accept Syrian refugees, Steed said. He considers Williamsburg at the start to get similar resolutions passed around the state.

Don’t these young activists read the news? 

Yes, we agree that those getting in to the US on student visas do pose a huge security risk, but the Ohio Somali Slasher is a resettled refugee.  Even NBC News reported that!

Not only is the process for refugees long, it’s considered one of the most stringent in the world, Vollavanh said. Those coming in on a student visa or work visa have less red tape.

He noted that the Somalian refugee killed at Ohio State on Nov. 28 was in the country on a student visa. [Huh?—ed]

Readers in Virginia who might be concerned that the refugee activists at William and Mary might be checking out your towns in which to push their resolution should see our ‘Tens things your town needs to know before ‘welcoming’ refugeeshere.
***Learn more about Sam Steed as a lobbyist in Washington for Amnesty International, here.

First two months of FY2017, 98% of Syrian refugees entering the US are Muslims

rpcLogoSmall [Converted]Continuing a trend on-going now for several years, the vast majority of Syrian refugees entering the US are Muslims. Of the 2,279 Syrians resettled in October and November, 2,225 are Muslim (2,188 of those are Sunnis). All data from (Refugee Processing Center)
Here are the top ten states where they were distributed.  (15 states got none, so far)

Michigan (313)

California (256)

Pennsylvania (162)

Arizona (142)

Texas (135)

Ohio (116)

Maryland (112)

Georgia (109)

Florida (105)

New York (92)

Refugee Industry lobbyists want to talk to Trump transition team

As we have reported on several occasions already, they are worried of course about the implications for their futures with Trump in the White House.
The UN/US Refugee Admissions Program is built on massive amounts of federal dollars going to nine major refugee contractors (to be precise they have grants and contracts with the US State Department and the Office of Refugee Resettlement in HHS) to place refugees in hundreds and hundreds of American towns and cities.

Naomi Steinberg, RCUSA Director: Closing refugee resettlement would “feed into narratives spread by ISIS that the U.S. is anti-Muslim.” So, we are trying to make ISIS happy with us?

When I read articles like this from Lansing, Michigan about how every one in the resettlement industry is worried that the US will be diminished in the eyes of the world, that ISIS will have a recruiting tool (ISIS would be angry because we are not letting in Muslims!), or that many refugees will not be able to bring their extended families to America, I look for any reference made to the issue of their funding.
Usually there isn’t any—no mention of the fact that Catholic Charities or whichever agency it is, would have to close offices and eliminate staff if their per head payment for refugees, and their grants from ORR stopped coming.
It would be hard for me to list all the reasons I continue writing and educating about the Refugee Admissions Program, but near the top of the list is the fact that there are millions of your tax dollars going to supposed ‘religious’ charities and they never mention it.  They pretend, when speaking to reporters who don’t know better, that their work is completely charitable and driven purely by humanitarian zeal.  It is a big lie!
‘Humanitarianism’ is a fabulous cover for all sorts of other goals like bringing in cheap immigrant labor for BIG MEAT, etc., or bringing in reliable Democrat voters, or stirring tension in communities by shoving diversity down the throats of Americans who don’t want it. Or, in some sort of sick leftist assuaging of guilt, showing Muslims how loving and open-minded we are by bringing them to your towns by the thousands and putting them on welfare!
Stacie Blake, right, fielding questions from angry citizens in Rutland, VT in June where her agency, USCRI, had been quietly working with the mayor to bring 100 Syrians to the small city.

Sorry, I’m getting off track, but remember all those things as I tell you that the resettlement industry has a lobbying consortium in Washington, DC—Refugee Council USA—and they want to meet with the Trump team.  They have a transition document they would like to present to Trump.

By the way, in August we reported that RCUSA, never satisfied with the number we admit, wanted 200,000 refugees admitted in FY17.

Near the end of the Lansing State Journal story we learn this:

“Yes, we look forward to speaking to the Trump transition team. … We don’t know exactly what the president-elect is planning on doing,” said Naomi Steinberg, director of Refugee Council USA, a coalition of refugee resettlement groups that has reached out to people close to Trump.

She said that while much of the Trump campaign’s rhetoric was “deeply troubling and deeply inaccurate,” the community still wants to work with him and explain the broader value of welcoming refugees. [If there is inaccuracy about the program the fault lies with the feds and the contractors because of the incredible secrecy that has surrounded the program for decades, and continues today!—ed]

Closing off the U.S. from refugee resettlements, she and others said, would break humanitarian commitments made by the West, feed into narratives spread by ISIS that the U.S. is anti-Muslim and poison relationships with key military allies. [Military allies like Turkey? So we have to take in tens of thousands of Middle Eastern Muslim refugees to please Turkey?—ed]

“The idea that America would no longer lead on this issue is unfathomable,” said Stacie Blake, a spokeswoman with the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, an advocacy and resettlement organization in northern Virginia. “We’ve been fielding calls already from individuals very worried about whether their adult child, their sibling, (their) mother will be able to join them as planned.”

Read the whole article, here, especially if you live in Michigan.
See all of our previous posts on the Refugee Council USA by clicking here.
For new readers here are the nine federal resettlement contractors that like to call themselves VOLAGs (that is short for Voluntary Agencies, which they definitely are not!):