Judge orders 'stay' of Trump's executive action for arriving refugees

It is all over the news this morning (especially, of course, on CNN). Those arriving refugees being held in airports have been released into American communities.  CNN says there were 109 throughout the country with another 173 attempting to board planes abroad.

ACLU lawyer and ACLU’s executive director talk about their victory outside NY court. Photo and story here: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/federal-judge-grants-emergency-stay-thwart-trump-refugee-ban-article-1.2958483

I really can’t tell you how far this will go.  We will just have to wait for a bunch of talking head lawyers to dissect it for us.  And, I have so much else to get to including the dreadful news that, again according to CNN, Trump agreed to admit those 1000-2000 reject asylum seekers Australia was holding in detention—a huge disappointment!
Here is ABC on the ACLU’s victory:

A federal court in Brooklyn tonight granted an emergency stay on President Trump’s executive order that bans immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries for two Iraqi men who had valid visas to enter the United States but were detained today when they arrived in New York.

Trump’s order calls for an immediate suspension of immigration from countries with ties to terror, including Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran and Libya, for a time period of 90 days. It also calls for the complete suspension of Syrian refugees for an indefinite period.

The ACLU, which had filed the challenge on behalf of the two men, contended that the stay applied nationally to all cases, but that was not clear from the ruling. ABC News was attempting to clarify whether that was the case.

The ruling does not appear to overturn administration policy, but does appear to apply to all of those people currently detained at airports across the country who were facing imminent deportation. The judge asked repeated questions of the federal prosecutors charged with defending the executive order, but they were unable to provide numbers of people who were facing the prospect of returning to a country where there lives would be in danger.  [All they had to do was call up Barbara Day and/or Laurence Bartlett at the DOS Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration and they could get numbers of those arriving.—ed]

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And, if you would like to dig deeper, one of  our readers ‘Theodore’ commented at this post and has sent links with the wording of the ‘stay’ and some analysis.
See also: George Soros gives ACLU $50 million (largest gift ever), here.  Can we call this the Soros vs. Trump battle for the soul of America?
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