Former Homeland Security officer: three triggers to bring on Islamic uprising in US

“America has had the audacity to pick someone different from what the world wanted, which was someone who would not be submissive to the global Islamic movement.”

Phil Haney

All hell is breaking loose in America and around the world over President Donald Trump’s executive order of last Friday. You surely couldn’t miss it (unless you hid in the wilderness all weekend) as cable news ran airport demonstration shots on a continuous loop, twitter went crazy, friends fought on facebook and the good ol’ boy chicken Republicans in the Senate predictably wet their pants because they are so scared.

Airport demonstrators in Detroit yesterday. Stand behind Trump now or this will be our future!

But, as you read this, consider that maybe it is time to bring this whole thing to a head, to excise the boil—will America continue to be Islamized via immigration (the hijra) or will we save ourselves now?

Let’s just get it over with!

Have the fight right now about what sort of country America will be for our grandchildren. Will America, in generations to come, be an Islamic caliphate, or not?

Here is Leo Hohmann with Phil Haney yesterday at World Net Daily:

A former Homeland Security officer who spent years screening Muslim immigrants points to three “triggers” of confrontation between the new administration of Donald Trump and the global Islamic movement.

These three issues will spawn a violent backlash in response to Trump as he attempts to implement what many believe are long-overdue reforms.

And Trump has already bumped head-on into one of the hot-button issues – Muslim immigration.

According to Phillip Haney, a founding member of the Homeland Security Department and author of the book “See Something Say Nothing,” the stars are lining up for a major confrontation with the global Islamic movement and its allies on the political left.

The “flashpoints” to watch going forward are these:

~Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

~Declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization

~Restricting Islamic immigration into the U.S.

Trump’s executive orders slapping a 120-day moratorium on refugee resettlement and a 30-day ban on those entering on visas from seven terror-sponsoring countries has been met with protests Sunday at airports in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit and Minneapolis.


In Hamtramck, Michigan, the nation’s first city to elect a Muslim-majority city council, protesters descended on City Hall Sunday with signs that included “Ban Bannon” and “We are all Immigrants.”

There were no such protests when former President Obama restricted Christian refugees from entering the U.S. from Syria, Egypt, Pakistan and other Muslim countries.

As Trump tries to rein in concessions given to the Muslim Brotherhood by the previous administrations of Clinton, Bush and Obama, he should expect the Brotherhood and its allies on the left to push back with hell’s fury, Haney said.

There will be lawsuits, ugly protests, and an all-out effort to create chaos in the streets of U.S. cities, he predicts.


As seen at protests in major U.S. airports Sunday, the radical left is eager to take up the crusade of Muslim activism.

Haney says it’s not just American Muslims who will join this fight, either, but global Islamic extremists who are invested in destroying Israel, propping up the Muslim Brotherhood, and continuing the flow of Shariah-compliant Muslims from the Middle East into Western democracies.


“It’s not about Trump. It’s about America,” Haney said. “America has had the audacity to pick someone different from what the world wanted, which was someone who would not be submissive to the global Islamic movement.

More here.

You must do this today!

Send a message to President Trump by clicking here!  Thank him and ask him to stand firm.

Then you must contact your member of the House and US Senators (especially Republicans!) and tell them you support Trump and they better not turn tail and run. We are at a critical turning point in our history and Republicans who wet their pants this week, who show fear, are to blame if Islamic supremacists gain a victory now!

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